Family Weekend


Oh it was such a nice weekend. Nothing but family and good times. It’s crazy how much better of a feeling it is to have the whole family all together at once. It just felt complete 🙂 

Thanksgiving was perfect and then the day after we went to Cinepolis to see a film together. We saw the movie Secret in The Eyes with Julia Roberts and it was alright. Not one I would recommend though. It was suchhhh a downer and I left theater having an uneasy feeling in my stomach.  However it was great being with the entire family for that and then staying in for the rest of the weekend along with some fun boat excursions 🙂





..all the family I got to share this special day with <3

Thanksgiving was a success! The Montazami family woke up with such positive spirits ready to get to cooking! We all went downstairs and I started making a breakfast quiche while my dad was on the coffee.  The quiche was the first one I’ve ever made and with a little help from my Dad, it turned out fantastically! It was an egg, broccoli, mushroom, tomato, cheese quiche with tons of delicious spices and fresh salsa served on the side.

This year we were just celebrating with our family, Uncle C and family from my Dad’s side! It was the best food I have ever had on this holiday.  Everything was organic and homemade. There was fresh mashed potatoes, candied yams, moist turkey, green cauliflower, cabbage & kale salad, creamed corn and roasted brussel sprouts with bacon. YUM. Aka I feel like I gained 10 pounds.

At the end of the night, we sat around the fire on the couch huddled around to play Charades, Taboo and Heads Up.  We put some money in the middle and there was a few different winners BUT guess who won the big finale? Yep, yours truly 😉

Now, it’s Friday and my whole family and I are all hanging around the house together today and then off to Cinepolis Lux Theater to see Secret in Their Eyes with Julia Roberts.  It looks sooooo good! Can’t wait to see it.

Hope you guys are all enjoying some Black Friday shopping!





1. Pencil Skirt [HERE] 2. Peep Toe Zip Back Heels [HERE] 3.  Adidas Tights [HERE] 4. Royal Skinny Jeans [HERE

5. Lace Up Dress [HERE] 6.  Belted Coat [HERE] 7. Three Zip Crossbody Purse [HERE]  8. Flared Button Pants [HERE

9. Sweat Pants [HERE] 10. Mini Dress [HERE

Hi loves!

So tell me you guys are all super pumped for BLACK FRIDAY?! Hanna and I have been scrolling around on instagram tonight and been checking out the best discounts and deals we could get with some fun online shopping.  We obviously checked out Nelly and I went literal with the whole ”black” Friday thing haha.  Check out my favorites with the links below 🙂

P.S. If you guys see anything on the then don’t forget to use discount code BLACK20 to get 20% off. 
The discount code is good for any Nelly products except for the following brands: Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren Polo, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, Marc Jacobs, UGGS, Primeboots, Parajumpers, Philip Lim, By Marlene Birger.
Do you guys know of any other awesome brands that are going big for Black Friday?! Let me know!




Hi loves!

I wanted to share something with you all! I am collaborating with @3Sverige and Samsung to bling out your phone case with an amazing glittery one just like my Swarovski one you see in the photos.  I have always been an iphone girl and once you choose your brand, it’s hard to switch around, but I must say that this phone has some amazing qualities that lack on my iphone.  For example, PHOTOS! Omg the camera is a kajillion times better… aka a blogger’s dream. 🙂

The three stores have a ton of unique accessories and cases for you to check out. This case is 599:- SEK.  Oh and Christmas is right around the corner..ya know what I mean? 😉 Click HERE to see more.





Hi my loves! Omg Thanksgiving is tomorrow already say what?! My mom and I spent the day together prepping for the holiday and went to South Coast Plaza to pick up a few last minute items. I wore my new gorgeous poncho from Karen Millen! It was so cozy and just felt like butter when I slipped it on. Beneath that, I wore my Free Peopke plunge too and Kendall and Kylie flare suede pants. 

Can’t wait to show you guys all our festive things and food for tomorrow! Stay tuned babes



The Misfit




Today was a wonderful day because one of my best friends, Rebecca flew into town from San Francisco over to my city to hang with me in LA. I can’t tell you guys enough how much I miss my besties. We have all been scattered around the world this last year so anytime I get to see any of them, I’m literally thrilled to the bone 🙂 Thank god for FaceTime though. That’s how I’ve been keeping in touch with everyone and it’s been a savior. 

Today Rebecca and I shopped around Santa Monica and then had lunch at a tasty spot called The Misfit. We had a couple cocktails and she got a French dip sandwich while I got a teriyaki grilled salmon with fresh arugula.

I just now got home to be with the family and we are watching theDancing With The Stars finale. Our favorite contestant won! Woo hoo:) Feels so good to have the whole family back together in one house all hanging out. I asked my family to smile and this is the result I got. Haha look at my mom. 😉



Holiday Wants




Hi babes!

I am getting so excited for the holiday season this year! Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be spending that time with my whole family and eating the most delish food ever.  I’m in charge of making the sangria this year.  I have never made it before but definitely had my fair share of trying it out at different restaurants all over the world.  I am going to make a refreshing and delicious red.  If you have any tips or recipes on the top of your head then please share it below in the comments!

I was browsing around the Free People site and found a few favorites that might just make it into my closet soon haha.  What do you guys think?!

Check out the outfits here….starting from left to right, bottom to top <3

1. Turtleneck Sweater [here] 2. Beautiful Bralette [here] 3. Dress with Slit [here] 

4. Velvet Dress [here] 5. Sheer Tights with Sparkles [here] 6. Casual Romper [here]

7. Plunging Top [here8. Fur Jacket [here] 







Hi loves! 

Hope you guys all had a fantastic day today. The weather was absolutely perfect today. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling my best due to last night’s festivities. I went out to a new-ish club in Hollywood called Le Jardin with my friend Adriene and we did some dancin to some deep house music…(deep house=favorite) <3

We stayed out until closing and I headed right home after that. Today was just super casual hanging around my hood and then dinner with a friend in Santa Monica. We walked around the city and I was shocked that I have never explored this part of Santa Monica before. I usually head over to 3rd Street Promenade but today we walked around Montana and Wilshire St. Love it over there! You guys have to check it out next time you’re in the area. 🙂






Hi babes:)

I got invited to an event over in Beverly Hills that was hosted by Disaronno at one of the Sixty Hotels called the Thompson Hotel. 

I got to bring along a date so I chose to bring Christina (who I’ve known since I was 1 years old!) So we just hungout there for a bit and tried a few different cocktails made with their amazing Amaretto drink. The special thing about this one is that Roberto Cavalli designed the look of it. If you know Cavalli’s style then you will totally recognize it on the bottle as well.

I wore my new top and skirt that I found at Bloomingdales. It is from a brand called Aqua. Cute huh?!




Hi hi hi!

Omg what a fun event to be invited to.  My good friend Jennifer brought me along to an event hosted by Karen Millen at their new shop in Santa Monica. We were greeted by so many happy people and got to check out everything that the beautiful store had to offer.  Each piece was so gorgeous, I just wanted to try everything on.

Jen and I got our photos taken by this guy with the coolest vintage cameras, had tasty snacks and beverages and got to design our own terrarium to bring home.  Mine is now sitting on my nightstand and looking adorable. 🙂

I can’t wait to show you guys the new coat I got!!!

Tonight I am heading to a Disarrono event and then off to see Jen and her band ”Bloke and Bird” play at The Sayers Club <3