Backpack Craze

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Hi babes <3

OMG talk about back pack jealousy.  Hanna got the most beautiful Cleobella backpack and she wears it all the time and looks effortlessly fab with it.  I have been doing some online browsing to try and find a cute one that’s a little different from hers. I found these ones on Shopbop and can’t decide on which one…Help please! 🙂

From left…

1st (here) , 2nd (here) , 3rd (here), or 4th (here)




Sara Svarar Pt. 2



Blogs I follow: So I think Sweden has the best bloggers.  I don’t follow any of them religiously, but I love coming and checking in a few times a week with Angelica Blick and Kenzas blog.  They are both absolutely incredible with what they do and are such an inspiration to many, including myself.

Blogging: I’ve now been blogging for six years!! How crazy is that?  It all started with Vecko Revyn, then and now Spotlife.  I am so happy to be working with them.  They are truly an awesome group of people:)  Yes, blogging can get stressful.  I want it to always be interesting for you guys so just putting that pressure on yourself when you are having an off day can get rough.  BUT it is such a fun job and I absolutely am so grateful to be doing it.  It’s the perfect place to just be me and get creative!

Fave Makeup Brand: CHANEL.  I am obsessed with all makeup from Chanel…especially their powder. The only problem is that their packaging sucks.  I’ve broken so many of the powder cases…strange, but still worth the purchase!

Choosing between fruits or veggies: I am such a sucker for fruit.  I love the sugar and can eat it all day long, but I know it’s so much better for you to indulge on veggies so I choose to have lots of both 😉 But if I had to have only fruits or veggies for six months I’d go with the veggies for health reasons!

Lip Injections: Oh wow…never thought I would be one to publicly write this on my blog, but yes I have had gotten my lips plumped once.  Before, I was never happy with my upper lip.  Every time I smiled my lips would disappear and it was something that really bothered me.  I went to see a doctor to see what my options were and he recommended Juvederm.  He just put a little in the spots that needed more so my lips had a more even look.  I am really happy with the result.

Health and Fitness: I workout about 4-5 times a week.  I LOVE Pilates and always make sure to fit in cardio and personal gym days in between.  Barre and hot yoga have also always been favorite workouts of mine.  For the most part, I say I eat healthy, but I am definitely one to follow a craving when I have one.  It’s all about portion control. 🙂 I also saw a question regarding my thoughts on eating disorders..I think it’s something so terrible for someone to go through.  I only hope that they have family and friends that surround them with love and support and doing everything they can to help them fix it.

Clothing Line: Montazami Brand is coming out this month!! It has been a long process but seriously so much fun.  Hanna, my mom and I have been the ones doing everything and I mean everything.  Finding materials, looking for trim, attending fashion expos, and designing.  It’s been a whole new learning process for us but we cannot wait until it’s out and to get your guys’ reactions! We really hope you guys love it as much as we do!  To start, they will just be sold online!

Coming to Sweden next: Hanna and I will be there in December and we are so excited!!! We are going to do some photoshoots, campaigns and fashion shows! Exciting.  We definitely want to do a blog meet and greet.  Would you guys be interested??

Thanks guys!



Wedding Time



Oh wow. This weekend was just incredible. I got to witness the most gorgeous couple get married in the most beautiful of settings in Palm Springs. You guys know I’m the ultimate cryer at these things, but the groom actually took the cake on this one. It was the most adorable sight ever. Damien was just balling crying when Kristin was walking down the aisle. There was so much love and happiness in the air…

Can’t wait for the day my best friends and myself get married! 🙂

Part 2 of Sara Svarar coming tomorrow babes 🙂





Hi babes!

First of all thank you so much for all the questions and comments. I love hearing your guys’ thoughts! I am about to get ready for a wedding so I only had time to answer the first batch of questions!  Pt. 2 will be coming at ya after the wedding! Enjoy <3

Where to live in LA:  Okay so I am still new to LA, but have gathered some good info from the two months that I’ve lived here. When you are looking where to move, you have to consider what you are there to do and where you want to spend most your time.  Traffic is a total downer around here so if you’re a ride your bike by the beach kind of person then the west side is your spot.  Otherwise, I’d recommend West Hollywood if you have work over there (and it’s also the BEST for nightclubs).  I live in Playa Del Rey, and it’s very conveniently located to the freeways, airport, grocery store etc, but I love spending a lot of my time around Abbot Kinney in Venice and everywhere in Santa Monica!

Nightlife in LA: My sister, Hanna is probably the better one to ask about the clubs in LA since she’s lived here longer but I’ve been out to a few cool places I really like.  When I go out to clubs, it’s usually for an event.  I LOVE deep house music so any kind of Desert Hearts or City Hearts event there is, I try to be there.  Rooftops at hotels during the day are so much fun. For example, The Standard and Mondrian are must go-to’s.  I really like Warwick as well. have been to a few others on Sunset Blvd or at The Roosevelt Hotel that I would recommend (Bootsey Bellows is the only one I remember the name of). For bars, I have explored some spots in Santa Monica and Venice.  Everything around there is generally close to each other so you can do a drive by and see what’s poppin that night.  (Townhouse in Venice, The Bungalow and Shangri La and Shorebar in Santa Monica).

My Camera:  I have two different cameras I use when I blog.  The best one is my Canon 6D. I always have it on manual settings and auto focus.  No point to do manual focus because it’s so easy to get blurry photos that way.  ISO needs to be very low at like 100 when you are outside on a sunny  day.  When you are inside, you adjust it to be a lot higher depending on time of day. I also use my white Samsung camera that is perfect for everyday on the go and there is an option to turn the camera around and take a perfect selfie.  Seriously it makes your skin look flawless and photoshopped, it’s crazy.


My Hair: I wash my hair every other day or every other two days.  I always switch up my shampoo and conditioner so my hair doesn’t get to used to it.  My hair can get dry very easily so I make sure to use a hair mask once a week.  I love Unite Luxury Hair Mask or Color Proof’s 5  minute hair mask.  For shampoo and conditioner, right now I am using OGX, Redken Extreme, and Color Proof.  Then I follow up with Moroccan Oil that I put on the ends and Unite Leave In detangler. I get my haircut once every 3 months by the best hairdresser ever! Vanessa at Howard Jones Salon in Laguna Niguel.  She is incredible omg.

Make-Up:  Hanna and I need to do a tutorial and show you guys our products.  I recently left my makeup in Orange County and did not have any of my things for a whole week and let me tell you how terrrible it was trying to find my old makeup to wear or to borrow from Hanna.  Once you find the right shade for you and the right brands to use, it’s so hard to force other types to work.  I am by no means a pro at makeup but can put up a video in the month of November!

Work: Right now my main things are blogging, Montazami Brand clothing line and modeling for Global Model Scouting.I would love to do this for as long as possible and then pick up other things as I grow older.  I have come to realize that I will always want to be an entrepreneur though.  I don’t think I could ever go back to working for someone else.  I like my freedom.

My Relationship Status: I am currently single.  Niles and I broke up in February and maintained a really good friendship afterwards, which I am so grateful for.  He’s an amazing person.  I do want to be in a relationship though.  I love having someone that I go to for everything and get to share wonderful memories with.  I hope to get married before I’m thirty and hopefully at least one kid before then too! I want to have four kids. Big families are the best!!

Living in Sweden:  I would move to Stockholm in a heart beat.  I love that city and everything it has to offer so much! Who knows what the future holds, but yes I would 100% live there for a time of my life.

Roommate Situation: Yes Hanna, you are my fave roomie haha <3

Tattoos: I have four little ones.  One with Niles, one with my best girlfriends, one on my arm that is about my love to travel and the other is latitude longitude coordinates of Sweden, Iran and California. 🙂

Dealing with a breakup: Oh wow.  I am by no means good at this. I mean, I guess none of us really are right?  Breakups are THE WORST.  No matter what the situation is, you are losing someone you love or once loved.  I felt like I lost a best friend and it was not easy.  But I’m so happy Niles and I have remained buds <3  My best advice for dealing with a breakup would be to really evaluate the situation.  Were there a bunch of red flags and absolute ”no ways” that you just couldn’t deal with anymore? If yes, then your partner wasn’t the right person for you and there’s someone who is a better fit for you out there.  If no, try one more time to make it work.  No regrets.  Oh and don’t go for the same type of guy every time.  I had a couple friends who would keep going for the same type and would question why the same result kept happening.

Okay part two coming soon babes! Off to a wedding now in lovely Palm Springs.  Weird that it’s on Halloween right?!  Well they are from South Africa, so I guess they don’t really see this as a holiday for them haha.




Statement Pieces




Embroidered Jacket [here] // Metallic Gold Dress [here] // LBD with Shoulder [here]

Hi babes!

Thanks for all the comments on my SHAPE mag post.  If there’s one thing I really took from yesterday’s event, it’s how important it is to stay in tune with your readers.  I love reading your guy’s comments and seeing what you all have to say!

I think now is the perfect time to do a SARA SVARAR.  I haven’t done a Q & A on this new platform yet! Feel free to ask me anything about work, friends, family, boys, tips, anything! 

Answers will be posted tomorrow <3

Okay so back to this statement pieces post.  I have been having such an itch to do some online shopping! I always check out Nasty Gal because all their pieces are so unique and fun! Do you guys know of any other brands with this kind of vibe that you’d recommend? Maybe River Island?

I was looking through my closet this morning and realized I have soooooo many basic pieces.  I have all the shirts and jeans I need BUT I think it’s time to invest in some cool unique pieces that I can wear this fall/winter.  I just got the CUTEST jacket from Cleobella with some fringe.  I’m bringing it out to the desert this weekend so let’s pray for a light breeze so I can wear it and show you guys hehe.

Now off to a meeting with Hanna!




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Hi babes!

Wow can we just talk about being motivated?!


I found this quote that I wanted to share…

”Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.”

Working for myself as a blogger and clothing designer, motivation has become something so important to me.  I chose to make this my career and like anyone else in their careers, if you lose that passion for what you do, then what’s the point?!  Staying motivated, sticking to your business plans and working towards your goals is your key to success.

Today I went to an event hosted by SHAPE magazine that was located at a beautiful spot right on the beach in Santa Monica where they focused on health, fitness, skincare, and what it’s like being a blogger, do’s and don’ts etc.

There were multiple women entrepreneurs who went up on the panel for some Q & A and it was seriously so inspiring to hear all of their stories of how they started out and the battles they tackled to become successful with what they do and love.  Have you guys heard of Karena and Katrina? They are two super athletic babes that have had their own reality fitness show, youtube videos and so much more.  I would actually watch a bunch of their workout videos all the time when I wanted to do a quick at-home 20min workout.  They were both super sweet and enjoyable to listen to. 🙂

Today’s event really made me want to be better in all aspects.  I want to be better with taking care of myself.  Yeah, yeah, I wash my face every morning and night and always follow up with a moisturizer, but I want to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of how to treat your skin.  One of the speakers today was a dermatologist with seriously THE MOST GORGEOUS SKIN EVER! She was sixty years old with flawless skin and said she never ever would wear foundation.  Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my seat thinking of all the Christian Dior foundation I casually lathered on this morning.  She used two things that I am going to now invest in…

a needle dermal roller



So a needle dermal roller is something you can rub along your face everyday to keep the skin youthful.  I am going to invest in one of these pronto! I just looked online and it looks like they are selling them for just about $30 USD.  Not bad right?!

Oh and oils.  She was saying that people are so used to being scared of the word ”oil” and ignoring it at all cause.  BUT it actually has so many benefits.  I am going to start putting it on once every day and I’ll let you guys know what I think.  This one is filled with coconuts so YES it smells heavenly!

These two beauty tips, I had honestly NO CLUE about.  Are there any beauty tips you guys really recommend that you want to share?!



Head to Toe in Cleobella


Hi babes <3

So today started off very nicely! Hanna and I drove up to Orange County from LA to take Christmas photos with the family! Early, I know, but it was a time when the whole family was together so it worked out perfectly. I luckily got this new adorable set in the mail the other day so I could not wait to wear it!

Little fact about me is that I LOVE matching sets! Whether its a sexy mini pair of pajamas or a skirt and a crop, I’m all about them.  This one is from Cleobella and you can check out their items [here]… 🙂



Skincare Event


Hi babes:)

Hope you guys are all having a great weekend so far.  Friday night was a blast.  I went to a club to go see a house dj named Anna Lunoe with a group of friends

Hanna and I also attended an event that was hosted by a skincare company.  They were explaining all about their awesome products while we munched on some delicious frozen bananas!

T0morrow, Hanna and I are headed back to Orange County to take some Christmas photos on the boat with the whole fam! A bit early am I right?! Haha







Aw this takes me right back to college.  I was the acai queen no joke.  I would make an acai bowl every morning after my hot yoga class and would mix it up every time and try out new flavors.  From having one of those every day, you could imagine that I got pretty sick of it.

Once I moved to LA, Hanna and I have been trying out new restaurants and cafes since there are endless amounts of them around here compared to Orange County! Hanna took me here to get a ”Gaucho Bowl” and it was so good!! We seriously gulped it up in a matter of minutes 😉


Blended…acai, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apple juice

Toppings…banana, strawberries, blueberries, goji berries, granola, coconut shreds, honey

I actually had one similar to this when I was in Stockholm so I know you guys have these tasty treats over in Europe too!! <3


All About That Beach Wave


Hi love bugs:)

OMG the time has finally come that I start using a blow dryer. Yep, that’s right.  I hardly ever used a blow dryer before.  I was all about that air dry thing until I realized what life is like when you actually put in a little effort and fully blow dry your hair.  My hair is naturally straight/wavy and I usually just throw it over to one side and put some Moroccan oil and beach wave spray in it…but now I’m adding in one more step!

I’ve noticed a huge difference once I’ve started blow drying my hair.  It makes the bottom look a bit fuller rather than stringy and dry.

Hanna and I went to a Rapunzel of Sweden event today so we kind of had to make sure our hair looked on point hehe 😉