With my girls doing a sorority pose in La Paz, Mexico

In spirit of all of the new and exciting things happening in my near future (which I cannot wait to tell you guys about), I wanted to do a throwback blog post!  It’s crazy looking back at all the photos and seeing how much has changed.. cough cough PICTURE QUALITY.  Take a look at what I’ve been up to this year!



my hairstyle for the Jack’s Surfboards photoshoot in Joshua Tree, California


Aus and I modeling all cute and couple-y for Faces Apparel heheee


pretty sea shells I found walking along a deserted beach in La Paz, Mexico


Montazami girrrrlsss (missing Emma)!!


my view driving up the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii


all white baby!


after a big shopping spree in San Francisco on Haight street 🙂


playing around with tropical fruit props in Joshua Tree, California


location for the Faces Apparel shoot.  I loooove all white and bright windows!


happy girl drinking tea 🙂


View of San Francisco city from the boat ride!

Awh it’s always so fun to look back.  Even the things I did only 2 months ago seems like forever ago.  I’ve gotta admit some of the outfit pics I just looked through were SO BAD.  I was like seriously Hanna wtf are you wearing?!!! haha.

Would it be fun to do a blog post with all of my fashion nightmares?!



Making Friends in Venice

Hi hi hello!

So Hanna and I were having a meeting with a guy from Spotify at this trendy coffee shop On Abbott Kinney called Intelligentsia.  when we finished our meeting, Hanna and I decided to hangout there for a bit to get some work done.

An hour later, this French guy comes up and talks to us about our camera. Ten minutes later we come to find out he’s a street-style photographer in Paris and he asks us to shoot some photos.  I was wearing the most baaaaasic casual outfit but we thought, why not?! He was the sweetest guy way we could say no. He sent us the photos last night.  Turned out pretty good considering our outfits haha. 😉

Sara Montazami, Hanna MontazamiSara Montazami, Hanna MontazamiNcQk_-g1PfPaJVOkhfHPY7-UViPdO5KP6EJ_i7FsxUwSara Montazami, Hanna Montazami



Social Media kille…

Idag hade jag ett mycket intressant möte med en Social Media kille. Vi pratade bl.a. om mitt hackade instagram konto. Vi måste alla skydda oss från alla dessa hackare som är bara ute för att förstöra för andra glada människor. Fy!!! Ja ni ser att vi är utan soffa, bord, matta och annat roligt som fattas i rummet. Vi längtar efter vår nya fina gråa soffis. 

Dagens blommor på mitt vardagsrumsbord 🙂 Jag är även ute efter riktigt coola artwork tavlor på de tomma väggarna. Suggestions??? Jag visar mer av rummet i möra. 

Nä Copper ge dej!!! Ligg inte på mina kuddar :/ 

Maria Jansson ha det såååå roligt på Cypern 🙂 roa er och bara njut!! Kram Maria 

Shoot with Skye & Staghorn by Glen Krohn

 Hi guys!

I got all my photos back from both my shoots from Bali and it’s so nice to look back and see them all. This shoot was a spontaneous one by the beach with an amazing Australian photographer named Glen Krohn. 

The story is actually pretty funny. I was out at a restaurant with some friends in Canggu and then happen to sit next to this guy. He started talking to me and my friend was telling me how she’s seem him all over Instagram and he’s an incredible photographer. We started talking more and decided to set up a shoot for the next day. I was with one friend who does hair, the other does makeup and they both were neighbors with girls who owned their own bikini and jacket collections. 

So that is what the shoot turned into…a bikini and jacket shoot on the beach. Love spur of the moment things!!   


Adventuring Through Bali

sara montazamisara montazami,E4AVVaTIg2fD9TnrMb-fLMv-y9JE5hsbddr_LupgtQc,IhDRcH5TJEVMUhTmcZqUY3D8GwLBjBoj2ptw7QNlWnEsara montazamisara montazamisara montazami5Mv2gDV-J0XXgMudkUGod-GOL1L67db_R6jnvXxfXb8,_dwhn9p5psb4Av7D_c4zBChBjbWN0K1oojVTphqNw3o,zNM2m-PzVMeYco0kQp_z7Zy92cQzZP0RCt2sDaw5--wSee Ya NeverSee Ya Never

Hi guys!!

OOH such exciting things are coming up and I cannot wait to share it all with you.  🙂  Here are some of the photos that was captured by my friend Damea Dorsey for our See Ya Never photoshoot.  Looking at all these photos just takes me right back to that endless summer feeling. Love it and can’t wait to go back there again one day.

And no no no that guy is not my boyfriend! He is just a friend of Nathan and Louise’s that also lives in Bali and helped with the shoot 🙂 Haha.




That Crunchy Summer Salad You Can’t Stop Eating

Hellllooooo bloggies 🙂

Sometimes you just want a crunch. But not a potato chip crunch. A healthy crunch.  Like SALAD!  I always take advantage of when I’m in the mood for a healthy salad (let me remind you guys that 95% of the time, I’m craving fruit or sweets).  So you bet I’m gunna cease the opportunity to eat that fricken salad when I’m in that 5%!

This one I just discovered from Whole Foods, and it quickly became my favorite salad option at the moment.  It’s called the Shaved Brussel Sprout and Kale Slaw.  It has everything you want in a salad: it’s crunchy, sweet (of course), savory, and PACKED WITH INGREDIENTS.  Cause let’s be honest, no one likes a salad with two ingredients.

The salad is made with shaved brussel sprouts, chopped kale, shredded carrot, sliced almonds, chopped celery, cranberries, and a sprinkle of parmesan.  The dressing is a mixture of olive oil, lemon, garlic, chili flakes, honey, basil and salt.  Yummmmm.  I’m definitely recreating this, or going back to the store for more.

The second pic is me with my hands in the shape of a heart because I <3 this salad.





Oj vad svårt med båtnamn..

Igår kväll var vi ute på middag med våra kompisar Dawn och Nathan. Vi åt på ett ställe i Laguna Beach som heter Big Fish. Vad tycks om utsikten? 

Frozen Yogurt med kalla lychees och gissa om det var gott i denna värme vi just nu har. Helt otroligt varmt nästan som en avsvalnad bastu!!!

  Postade ett inlägg på mitt insta @mariamontazamioriginal och berättade om mina förstora cowboy boots haha argh!!

  Avslutade kvällen med ett föräldramöte. Back to School night. Detta är Nichos Marine Biology Class. 

Tack för era förslag om ett båtnamn. Jag berättade väl att vi ska döpa jollen till SeaDoodle 🙂 så istället för cheesedoodle (ostkrok) så blir det Seakrok. Kul. Kram Maria 

Neeeej alla barn åker iväg igen…

Råbiff Tartar åt jag bland annat igår kväll nere i Dana Point Harbor. Alltså nu har vi roligt det är som en hel båtvärld har öppnat sej. Asså så mycket roligt att göra och titta på nere i vår vackra båthamn. Biffen var god och väldigt färsk.

Det blev en liten båttur idag så att Kamran kan lära sej att köra båten. Vi kan inte komma på det perfekta namnet till båten så har ni något förslag låt mej veta.

Ahhh stackars Emma hon hade ont i magen idag. Vi hade i allafall trevligt och nu har hon åkt tillbaka till college. Hanna tog henne till flygplatsen i LA.

Copper och Molly var lite rädda att vara på båten. Dom har sina egna flytvästar. Visar er nästa gång när vi är ute. 

Tävling ligger och lurar likaså mycket annat spännande så fortsätt att kolla in här på sidan. Snart får ni veta!!!!! Kram Maria


It was one of those ”get over here and take a selfie with me I found amazing lighting” kinda moments haha.  Never expect us not to snap a pic in some good ass lighting.

Now for a more serious and emotional thought… Sara and I have always been very close as sisters. It wasn’t until we started the Montazami Brand that we created a new relationship with each other, as business partners.  We agree on a lot of things but we are completely different in the way that we handle our professional lives. We’ve definitely butt heads this year working so closely together (and maybe because we’re full-on roomies in our own apartment now). Tears have been shed and there’s been some arguments, but to be honest it would be weird if that wasn’t happening.  Shit happens, it’s normal. 

One way we settle out our frustrations are through meetings, where we put everything out on the table and try to come up with a solution to fix it. It’s hard sometimes, but always worth it afterwards. 

These conversations not only teach us how to work better alongside one another but to strengthen our relationship as business partners, roommates, and most importantly, sisters. Family is everything, and I’m so grateful for what I have!         



Kamran fyller år idag :)

Igår var vi på födelsedags kalas och dom hade hembakade pizzor. Mmmm det var så gott och jag åt 10 bitar!!!!! Det fanns i gen kontroll haha. 

Igår var Emma och jag och shoppade. Mycket kul och vi köpte presenter till Kamran och även Nicho som fyllde 17 den 29 aug. Idag ska dom minsann firas. 


Såhär såg min shopping vagn ut imorse. Vi ska göra en god frukost. Sedan ska vi visa Emma båten. Ha en fin söndagskväll. Kram Maria.