Gorgeous Monterey


Hi my loves!

How beautiful is this place?! I have been here once before with my family but didn’t spend too much time checking out all of the fantastic scenery! It’s Filip’s last day here so before I drop him off at the airport, we thought we would check out the area and get some lunch. Monterey is known for their aquarium and for some reason, I’m totally in the mood to check it out so we are going to head over there in a bit and see what all the hype is about!

I will keep you guys posted <3




Hi loves:)

Yesterday was quite the cozy one. We spent the day in Malibu, which I realized that I need to do way more often. I’ve heard so many people talk about a spot on the pier called Malibu Farm that has delicious food and obviously the perfect view. My friend, Filip and I were both exhausted from the day/night before so it was the perfect spot to just hang out at and enjoy a super tasty grilled halibut sandwich. 🙂 

One of my friends had taken me to a gorgeous beach a few months ago called Leo Carillo so I thought I’d take Filip here on one of his last days in the States. We made it right in time for sunset so it was soooo beautiful! 



Beach & Banzai Bowls



Hi loves!

Omg today was aurprisingly the perfect beach day. My friend Filip is visiting me from Sweden so I wanted to show him around my old hood aka Laguna. We went to a couple spots where I always hungout in highschool. These Acai bowls are from a spot right in the middle of town called Banzai Bowls and they are absolutely delicious! We then went to West St. for a nice beach day. It was so hot, I could not believe this is the weather we are getting in November! 

We then hungout at my parents’ place for a little before the Ducks NHL game. Here now and they are currently down by one point but I’m cheering as hard as I can hoping for a win. They always win when I come to the games so it’ll be such a downer if they lose this one today. After this, off to LA for a fun night out with friends:)



50, Here she comes!

MY MOM’S 50th!

Hi loves:) 

Omg my gorgeous and amazing mom has a special birthday tomorrow!! She will be celebrating with a few friends and my dad in Napa Valley so we chose to spend today to hangout on the boat and then head back to my parents house to have a nice family dinner. It was so lovely.

My mom and Anna made some fabulous spinach and artichoke dip plus American style chili with salad. Pretty yummy if ya ask me!



Dinner at Leona



Hi babes!

Oh wow. My friend Filip and I just went on a great little roadtrip excursion from San Fran to Napa and now back in LA. It’s been so nice showing him around my hood. After our long drive back home we went out to dinner to a place my sister recommended called Leona. It’s a new spot right in Venice and oh my gosh it was delightful! We got a couple appetizers, wine and shared an entree:)

Tomorrow we are headed to Oc to hang with the family and go on the boat!!



Napa Daycation




Hi loves!

Hope you are all having a fantastic week so far. I started my week off with a nice little roadtrip to San Francisco.  My friend, Filip from Sweden flew in to the Oakland airport so I picked him up and we went to meet up with some of my SF friends for a nice Italian dinner and cocktails.  I had the best Old Fashion ever at this place called Trick Dog.  If you ever go there, get that with the Bourbon and trust me, it’s heaven.

We got an early start today and drove off to Napa for some good old wine tasting.  We were too early to check in to our hotel so we thought we’d go check out a winery.  There happened to be one super close to our place that’s called Artesa Winery.  It’s a Spanish winery with the most amazing view. We decided to do the informative hour tour to learn about their wines and everything.  I love learing about wine…definitely a guilty pleasure. PS the wine was delightful.  My favorites were the Pinot Noirs and Aberignos.

After our wine adventure we checked out different tasting rooms and had a fantastic dinner right in town. So amazing, I want to have it all over again. 😉

…and yes, my shoes light up.  Haha kind of fun right?





Hi loves!

Well yesterday was a pretty cool day. 🙂  Hanna and I started off getting some work done in Downtown and then had a couple events to attend later on.

We were invited to the grand opening of Current Elliot’s first store ever.  If you guys aren’t familiar with the brand, let me tell ya about them.  They have the absolute coziest t-shirts ever that are designed to perfection. for the most part, they are plain in a basic color but they had some limited addition ones made just for this store with some cute sayings on it. My favorite was one that said Venice, CA and Night Kat. So adorable! Check it out [here]

We hungout there for a bit and chatted over a glass of wine and some apps with a few of the people who worked for the brand.  Good times. 🙂

Tonight’s Outfit: Dress/Zara , Boots/Stuart Weitzman , Jacket/Scotch&Soda

Afterwards, we met up with my friend ”Street Bike Tommy” who was a part of this super cool event called Nitro Circus.  It’s a whole sports/stunt/badass bike/insane show! He got us seats right in the action in the first couple rows.  What an awesome experience! Go check out my insta to see the video @saramontazami or snap (saramontazami)




Fallout Launch Party


Hi my loves and happy Friday!

I told you guys I was going to an event yesterday and that I didn’t have too much info on it but it turned out to be an awesome event! There were sooooo many people there omgggg. It was the launch party of a new video game with tons of food and drinks, red carpet, special performances, photobooth, literally everything!

Met some lovely Swedish babes who are here studying in LA and OC. 🙂 

Oh and omg that dog. We went to a friends house for drinks and that’s the little face I see when I walked in the door! Are you kidding me?! Cutest thing ever right? 

Now off to a Current Elliot event and then Nitro Circus!!!!




IMG_0862IMG_0950IMG_1010IMG_1016…AND THAT’S A WRAP

Haha that line always cracks me up! ”That’s a wrap”  Like there always has to be some geek in the shoot that has to say it after the end of the day, am I right?! Well today that geek happened to be both Hanna and I after our shoot! ..hahah

We got out gorgeous friend Jennifer Åkerman to be our model and like we assumed, she did fantastically!

My mom, Hanna, Anna and I were all there today organizing and making it all happen.  We put so much time and effort into making this a nice production so we are so happy that the turnout was a success.  Hard work does pay off. 🙂 CAN’T FLIPPIN WAIT TO SEE THE PHOTOS! Yay!

It was such a good day. Hope you guys all had a great one as well.  I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to you guys for the sweet comments.  I read them every morning when I wake up and it’s seriously the best way to start the day:) Positive vibes, love it.

Now I’m about to shower and get ready to head to a private event in Downtown LA that my friend invited me to.  I don’t have too much info on the event, but one thing I do know is that Calvin Harris will be there! Kinda cool 😉



Right Before Dark


Hi hi hello!

Oh today has been quite the busy one.  Hanna and I had set the date for our lookbook for Montazami Brand, which is finally approaching TOMORROW. Yay! Yippee! OMG! We spent all day organizing the look for each piece so we are just praying that it all comes together and works out fabulously! BTS photos coming tomorrow fa sho <3

So here was today’s look.  Weird with dark lips on me huh?  Quite the change.  I think I definitely look better with the matte blush lip I usually wear on a daily basis, but it’s always fun with something different here and there! I am wearing Current lip liner and Diva lipstick both from Mac.

Todays Outfit: (click below for links)

Jacket/Chiquelle , Top/Zara , Pants/Rag&Bone , Boots/Steve Madden