Beach Walk//Break Time

Hi babes!

Today was a day I went and got all my errands done as well as caught up on a bunch of work! I decided to meet up with one of my girlfriends for a nice little beach walk outside my place in Venice! I always think it’s so important to clear your head a bit and walk outside, chat with friends, or listen to podcasts by the beach. I’m going to start doing that a bunch more!

PS! I’m going to be making a holiday gift guide! It’ll be a spot for you to check out what I think is good to get this year and what’s trending!

Stay tuned!



Wine O’Clock

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I took it pretty chill and just hung with Diego around Venice. We drank some wine and just enjoyed each other’s company. We went on a walk this afternoon to a restaurant called Neighbor. We then ran into some friends and got a drink with them before a little movie night:)

Now off to bed and ready for a busy week this week!!



Calzedonia Girl

Hi cuties!

Hanna and I spent the afternoon hanging out in Santa Monica! We went to the beautiful Casa Del Mar for some drinks and a light lunch. We had the roasted beets salad that came with burrata, toasted seeds and was just so yummy!

Today Diego and I are going to the farmers market, then visiting a friend at his art booth, then buying some lamps for Diego’s room! Nice lil Sunday!



Foray Gala

Hi cuties!

Hanna and I were invited to a lovely gala in Bel Air hosted by our friends at Foray:) It was such a gorgeous setting at a very large estate decorated with flowers and all sorts of elegant pieces all throughout the space!

We brought our boyfriends with us and sipped on champagne as we mingled with our friends! There was a great dj, champagne tower, and just all cozy feels!

I wore a dress from DRA and it was soooooo pretty! The plum color and the fit was flawless! Diego had a very suave tux from The Black Tux!



Pieces from Bella Dahl

Hi cuties!

Here are some photos from my shoot with the lovely company Bella Dahl! We shot around Venice and just enjoyed stopping in deferent boutiques and coffee shops along the way to our different locations:)

The tops are from Bella Dahl and the cute flare pants are from my girls over at Show Me Your Mumu! Purse is from Foley and Corinna!

This week has been a bunch of catch up but tomorrow will be a very festive day that Diego, Hanna, Rudy and I have been looking forward to! We’ll be attending a beautiful holiday gala at a gorgeous venue!

Stay tuned for some beautiful images!



Thankful n’ Happy

Hi cuties!

So last week we celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents’ house! We had Diego and Rudy over along with my cousins, aunt and uncle and Marie and Grace!

It was such a beautiful day spent around the kitchen all helping out with individual dishes! I was in charge of the sweet potatoes which turned out so yummy.

Diego made these absolutely delicious stuffed mini portobello mushrooms that was baked with some cheese and artichoke spread! It was insanely good! My parents made a turkey each; one in the oven and one on the bbq.

As you can see by my plate of food, it was so good, but this day just has such a special day in my heart because I love the overload of family time!

Grateful for all these people in my life 🙂




Hi cuties!

Just wanted to let you guys know that we just dropped some new arrivals over at MONTAZAMIBRAND.COM and today we are doing a sale of 20% off SITE WIDE! Come peek the new pieces HERE

Use code CM20 at checkout to get your discount!

Enjoy and let me know if you guys have any questions!



Photos by Diego Valdivia


You guys! It’s the best day of the year when it comes to shopping and it falls right before Christmas meaning you can basically get all your online shopping done TODAY!  I am taking full advantage of it this year over at NELLY.COM because they are doing 25% off site wide.  They are doing something a little different this year by adding in an extra percentage off every hour to select items and certain Nelly Brands! See below for the timeline <3

DISCOUNT CODE is VIP25 and only valid 11/25 23.59

00-01                  30% off everything black 

01-02                  30% off NLY One 

02-03                  30% off sequin dresses

03-04                  40% off velvet 

04-05                  30% off sport fashion 

05-06                  30% off faux fur jackets

06-07                  30% off street style brands

07-08                  2 for 1 on undies + swim 

08-09                  30% off occasion dresses 

09-10                  40% off NLY Shoes 

10-11                  30% off NLY Eve 

11-12                  Vinnande erbjudande från onsdag (Erica eller Molly)

12-13                  30% off beauty

13-14                  30% off accessories 

14-15                  30% off fave brands (VOVO + Missguided, River Island, New Look, Jacqueline de yong)

15-16                  30% off bottoms (byxor/kjolar/jeans) 

16-17                  30% off shoes 

17-18                  30% off jackets 

18-19                  30% off sweaters + tops (toppar, skjortor/blusar, tröjor) 

19-20                  30% off dresses + party dresses

20-21                  30% off NLY Trend 

21-22                  ***

22-23                  ***

23-24                  ***




First Time Meeting Little Ellie

Hi beauties!!

Guess who stopped by for a little visit today?! Ellie! As you guys know, Anna my mom’s longtime assistant (who has basically become a total extension of our family) came by today I finally got to meet her new adorable baby newborn! I mean GUYS!! HOW CUTE?!! I loved holding her around the house and borrowing her from Anna for a second hehe. I just can’t wait to see this little peanut grow and am so happy for Anna and her husband Clinton! Anna is coming by again tomorrow so we will see if Ellie remembers me haha. She didn’t cry once when I held her!! Special bond 😉



White Lace + Denim

Photos by Christian Fang

Hi little beauties!

Hope you guys are having a great start to your week! Today has been so hectic running around and getting things in order before I went off to OC! It’s Thanksgiving week so I’m planning on spending lots of quality time with my family, boyfriend and friends!

Diego and I will be hanging out with his dad on Wednesday for a little turkey din and then we are doing a big Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday, followed by a Friendsgiving on Friday!

Can’t wait,