Happy Girl in Blue

Good morning everyone!

I just got some photos back from my Argentinian friend when we shot some cool photos on the beach and on the Santa Monica pier. She is a tourist here so it was kind of fun to live like a newbie as well and enjoy the pier!

We walked around and found this perfect blue wall to match my new favorite slip dress from Planet Blue. I went to their shop on Main Street last week and found tons of cute goodies to wear for fall!! I told myself I’m going to keep it easy on the shopping though and just try and save for a while. I have so many cute things in my closet so I’ll bring out a bunch for you guys to see and show you how I mix and match the old and the new! 🙂

Now off to 7:15 am Pilates with my friend Maya! Wish me luck!



Staycation With Garnier

Hey everyone!

So Hanna and I were invited by Garnier to come and stay the weekend at the beautiful luxurious Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach!

It was a time for us #GarnierGirls to come and hang and get fully pampered using their products and learning a bit more about them. We all got facials where they used the Rose Spritz spray along with the apricot illuminating moisturizer. After that and our massages we all got taken to our individual gorgeous rooms and got ready for the evening to have dinner at one of their restaurants, Studio.

I wore my HAH Dress that was such a hit:)



Around Venice

Hi babes!

Hanna and I had such a blast today finishing up a huge project that we’d been working on for the last month and a half!

We went around Venice and shot some last photos that we needed plus did some interviews…basically just did all the final touches!

At the moment, I’m planning for my 28th birthday and getting everything all prepped and ready for next week! I’m excited to get the party started and begin this new year of mine!

Dresses from Planet Blue and House of Harlow 🙂



Mommy + Daughter Day

Aw I can’t tell you guys enough how much I love my mom! She’s seriously the best and I’m just so grateful for everything she is and does for me and my family. Today I decided to go home to OC and hangout with her. We haven’t had just us time in a while so it was definitely needed! I came home and we hung around the house a bit and caught up with what’s been going on since I saw her last week. We then decided to have a little fun and hit up South Coast Plaza!

We got some new cute items and even got one outfit the same as each other from Zara 🙂 I’ll show you guys in my next post!

My mom let me wear her new turban today from Happy Turbans! It was a hit at the mall! What do you guys think!?

And then we followed our tradition by going to Quattro Cafe for dinner:) I suckers in to getting the pasta and my mom got her Carpaccio. We are friends with the owner and of courseeeee he brought out the most delicious Italian desserts. Gym for me tomorrow that’s for sure!

Night night!



Dinner At Petrossian

Omg you guys!

Talk about luxury dining! Diego and I went to a caviar restaurant in West Hollywood called Petrossian and wow it was such an experience. We had the restaurant to ourselves and got to try a flight of caviar, the sampling menu of basically everything they had and followed by some yummy dry champagne and French red vino.

The place was incredible and I highly recommend going for anyone wanting to have an extra special evening!




Hey guys!

So Hanna and I found a new spot that might be our place to get the creative juices flowing! We love finding new restaurants or cafes to sit down on random afternoons and meet about what we are working on. This day we got a ton of ideas flowing for Montazami Brand and it felt great to get some new concepts in the works!

By the way, this restaurant is called Élephante and it’s a new spot in Santa Monica right by the water and a semi-open rooftop with DJ’s, crafted cocktails, Bali interior design and unique dishes!

I highly recommend going here and trying it out!



Palazzo Pants from Montazami Brand

Ooh my favorite pants from out line Montazami Brand! These pants slip on like a glove and are so cute to wear dressed up or down! I love pairing them with a basic graphic tee or a dressier open shirt like this one!

Hanna and I shot these photos at our friends’ PR office. They turned it into a photo opp area so we found some cute little corners to hang out in 🙂

Check out the pants here!



Celebrating Nicho’s and My Dad’s Birthdays!

Hi cuties!

It was so nice coming home today to hang with the fam and celebrate my dad and brother’s birthday! Emma actually surprised us all and had bought a tiny little dog for herself at her new apartment in San Diego! She got a super small Maltese that she named Penelope. She was welcomed in the family so quickly and we all couldn’t stop giving her love. She’s so cute!!

We then had a nice dinner together and opened up presents and sang with some birthday cake and coffee. It was a perfect little Sunday afternoon.

Now off to bed so I can get some rest before my photoshoot tomorrow 🙂



Bring Along the Blazer

Strutting on Abbot Kinney

Hi guys!

So LA is currently in the crossover between summer and fall so that’s where this outfit comes in clutch! A cami, highwaisted shorts and a clean cut blazer was the perfect look for today’s errand day!

I am finally caught up with just about everything I needed to do this week, which feels AMAZING! I came back from Burning Man feeling exhausted and just couldn’t wait to snap out of it.  Today is finally the day where I feel like my energy levels are back up where they need to be! And let me tell you, it feels good 🙂

So on the agenda today…

Hanna and I need to shoot some content around Venice so we are going to pick some cute corners to get some jewelry and outfit shots in! Then we are off to DTLA to meet with our sewer, then filming for this top secret project, then meet up with Blair for a gym sesh!

Oh and I have to find cute presents for my dad and brother for their birthdays! Any tips of what to get for the boys?



Back from the Burn

Hi cuties!

Wow it feels so good to be back from Burning Man and getting back to reality! I had the most incredible week out there with friends and my boyfriend. I learned a lot out there and got to really see what all this hype was about. BM was everything I had hoped for and more. I’m so grateful that I was given the chance to go to something like this and it was an experience I’ll cherish forever!

I wish I would have taken more photos out there because it was absolutely gorgeous! But to be honest, I feel that I needed that time to not always have my cell phone on me and to appreciate the people that I was with right at that moment. My friends are sending me more photos by tomorrow so I’ll be sure to share more of my experience with you guys then!