My #1 Hair Secret EXPOSED!

STEP 1: Hold all of your hair in your hand as if you were about to put it in a low ponytail.


Your lives just got a whole lot easier!  Well, I hope they will.  I wanted to share one of my hair tricks that I’ve been using for yearssss.  I honestly don’t know where I would be without it.  Well, probably in the same place I am now with ugly hair instead haha.

This is perfect if you have thick and ”puffy” hair like I do, but it’s also perfect for everyone that wants to avoid bedhead.  I call it the twisty bun.  I put my hair in a twisty bun every night before I go to bed, and I wake up with tame and bouncy hair!  I put together a 5 step HOW-TO so you guys can copy it!



STEP 2: Twist your hair and keep twisting until the entire ponytail is twisted.


STEP 3:  Bring your twisted ponytail around towards the left and then under, keeping the ponytail twisted as you go.  Do this circle motion until you reach the end of your ponytail.


STEP 4: tuck the end piece of your ponytail underneath the twisty bun and push through (it might be able to stay as a bun on its own without a hair band at this step)


STEP 5:  Twist your rubber band around the bun 2 times. (It should be somewhat loose)


This is what the twisty bun should look like!


And this is what it will look like in the morning! I either wear it like this or curl some more pieces to spruce it up!



Current Wants

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.40.21 PM


Hi guys!

So I already told you about my obsession with the Christian Dior So Real Mirrored sunglasses, but I cannot get over them.  I think this will have to be one of my big purchases this summer.  So adorable and fun with all the color options!  They are priced at $595 but if some of you guys are the ”I lose my sunglasses all the time” type then I found you guys these little imitation ones that are perfect for those beach

MMM there’s nothing better than a comfy tee and denim shorts.

Living in California and always being on the go with long drives from OC to LA, a tee and shorts with stacked on jewelry is always my quick go-to look. Fave tees are always from good ole Rag & Bone and Current Elliot.

The sandals are from Barney’s and they are just the perfect slip on pair when you are on the go.  These ones are called Barney’s NY Suede Double-Band Slides priced at $195

The girly in the middle is wearing the For Love and Lemons peach set that I have had my eye on for a while!! Its so cute to just wear a cozy sweater with the skirt peaking out from underneath. Check out their items here

One of my favorite causal & chic jewelry line is Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow.  I have a silver bangle that I wear from them all the time and have been on finding a few more that I can pair with it.

So my mom just came home with a small bag of adorable Calvin Klein bras and underwear…The one I am loving right now is the CK Primal Bare Underwire Bra. Oh baby I love it!

…So tonight

I am watching the ESPY’s with my family and talking to my dad about Hanna and I moving in together!! We might have actually found a place!! Stay tuned.:)



Smart and Final…

Idag var Emma och jag på Smart and Final för att storhandla tills Emmas party på söndag. Vi köpte bland annat massor av godis och olika chips. Vi ska grilla hamburgare och polish varmkorv och massor med annat gott. 

Neeeej Copper lägg dej inte här och slappa.  Du har dina egna sängar runt om i huset som blir tvättade vart tredje vecka. Si så hoppa ner…

Haha mycket bättre!

Innan jag lägger på Copper och Mollys nytvättade hundsängsfodral så syr jag ihop en lite kant som hade separerat sej. 

Kvällens goda middag. Vem kan säga nej till Spagetthi Bolognese???

  Här sitter jag och njuter medans  solnedgången är på G. Vi väntar på att Hanna ska komma hem så vi kan prata ny lägenhet med Kamran. Vi sa inget igår kväll till Kamran eftersom Hanna stannade i Marina Del Rey med Austin men ikväll lägger vi upp en rejäl uppvisning och hoppas på det bästa. Kram Maria 



The Mondrian LA

Hi hi hi!I wanted to show you guys some photos from my weekend stay at The Mondrian. It is a hip hotel in the heart of Los Angeles and we were there celebrating my friend’s 23rd birthday! We came downstairs to go for a dip in the pool and a margarita and this is what we see….full pool party! Our plans changed and we quickly joined in on the dancing!
Definitely a must-go hotel to all you tourists out there!! 🙂  
 My friend let me borrow his Dior sunglasses and um hi I’m obsessed. I really want to get myself a pair! I checked online and there’s a few different colors!….hmmm which one to choose?!



Well Deserved Pizza n Beer 

Hi guys!

Wow today was a long day in LA. Every time we go downtown, it is such a stressful process starting with the long traffic 1hr and a half drive.  After meeting with our seamstress, we drove over to the beach side to check out some apartments. Hanna and I have been talking about getting a place together but actually went for the first time to see one today!! It was a two bedroom, two bath in a completely new building. I love new…that means updated appliances and washer and dryer in unit. It was gorgeous! 

We are going to look at a couple others and then choose soon. 

Afterwards we went to get a delicious pizza and crisp beer. I never drink beer, so I stuck with water today:)   
  How fluffy and delish does this one look?!



Tjenix i stugan :)

Var hela dagen och tidig afton i Los Angeles. Vad tror ni vi hade som en tidig middag? Pizza och den var så god. Sara, Hanna och jag var även och kollade på en sprillans nybyggd apartment i Marina Del Rey. Dom älskade den så nu får vi se vad Kamran tycker.  

Haha jättesvårt att se vad fin färg Emmas hår är på detta kort. Emma har i alla fall gjort det lite ljusare och hon älskar det. Perfekt till hennes party på söndag. Vi börjar att förbereda i morgon. 

Mina två fina vänner som alltid gnyr och ylar av glädje när jag kommer hem. 

Grattis till Ebbas bday Mallan. Jag glömde att skriva det igår. Jag vet vad mycket du tycker om dina barn och dom är ju så fina och duktiga. Hälsa!!! Lillemor hoppas du gillar läppstiftet 🙂 är det för ljust så lägg på lite av din egen partyfärg. 

Ikväll blir det chicken tacos med hemgjord guacamole. Kram och vi höres imorgon. Maria 


Hi guys!

Yesterday I woke up with chlorine still in my hair from the day before and dry ends so I decided to apply a hair mask!  I used a hydrating hair mask from Hello Hair and I absolutely loved it!  It’s made mostly of coconut oil, olive oil, and seed oil.  When you apply it it smells like toasted coconut fresh from the oven.…. sooo yummy!

I massaged it in my scalp and combed it (with my fingers) to make sure it was distributed evenly throughout.  The package says you can leave it in for 30 minutes but I left it in for 5 hours (hehe) to see maximum results.  When I washed it out (after the treatment you wash your hair as you regularly do) my hair felt so smooth and soft!!  I can definitely tell a difference when I look at the BEFORE and AFTER photos!  There is still some oil in my hair (since my hair loves to hold on to everything) but it will be gone after another wash.








Jag ärver en jeansjacka av Sara :/

Här sitter jag med min nyärvda jeansjacka. Annorlunda att jag ärver något eftersom jag alltid ger bort mina saker. Hej hej nya jeansjacka!!!!!

Här ser ni en annan vinkel av jackan haha. Ja ingen speciell utan bara en från Urban Outfitters som säkert har gått på rea ett antal gånger. Glad är jag i allafall eftersom jag gav bort min jeansjacka till mamma 🙂

Jag har förälskat mej i Diptyque doftljus. Wow de doftar så gott så nu har jag även deras eau de parfume som jag spritzar på lite då och då under dagen. Hela mitt hus doftar nu som en underbar sommaräng, rökbod, blombukett och en enkel fruktdoft. Det Ni!!!

Det stora 5 vekes ljusen sparar jag ju den fina keramik krukan och använder till att sätta en liten murgröna i 🙂

Ja det är verkligen tråkigt att vädret ska vara så ostabilt i Sverige hela tiden. Helt omöjligt att planera för ett garden party i sista minuten. Visserligen är det ju regn som vi önskar att det kunde ösa ner här lite oftare. Kram till er alla Maria. Maria J hälsa till Alex och Tony 🙂


Having some champagne at a family and friends get together


As promised, here is my ”Snapshots of the Week” post!  Hope you guys enjoy!



Loungin’ around in my new DESPI purple bikini


Picking out my favorite clothing piece from the JUST FAB gifting party.  (shoes by Jeffrey Campbell)


Getting my hair done at Blow Bar!  (had the best head massage ever)


Austin and I being lovebirds!! I don’t get to see him that much now that he’s studying for the LSAT!!


Starting off the weekend with a cold beer in Malibu


Blog dinner hosted by Kaitlyn Carter, Oh Hello Hair, and BeSocial PR










Diptyque x Sevi Event

My mom and I went to South Coast Plaza this weekend to attend a trunk show.  Diptyque makes the most amazing candles and scents with adorable packaging. I headed off to LA for a birthday party right after so I ended up buying my friend’s gift from here. I got him the Baies black candle with a matching Sevi towel….suhhhh cute!      I just now got home from The Mondrian Hotel in LA. We had such a blast hanging by the pool during the day and out at night:)