Handling inför finbesök!

Nu är det dags för lite inhandling inför kvällens gäster Laila Bagge med pojkvän som kommer på middag! Alltid roligt att träffa andra svenskar som är på rundresa i usa! 

Vi ska äta persisk mat och hoppas på att gästerna gillar det! 

Anna efterlyser Berits och Josefins adress som vann läppstift i min senaste tävling! Vore toppen om ni kan mejla den till anna@mariamontazami.info

Hoppas ni har en bra torsdag så hörs vi imorgon för nu måste jag springa iväg på mina ärenden! 

Kram Maria 

Blogger Babe Dinner with Oh Hello Hair & Kaitlynn Carter

Hi guys! What a lovely night we had with such amazing women.  Hanna and I were invited to this dinner of about twenty women from all around the world who are all entrepreneurs in the blog, photography, wellness and beauty world.  We had dinner and drinks and all talked about what we were up to currently.  I did not know anyone besides Hanna coming into this evening and left meeting some good future friends and contacts.  I love going to things like this and meeting people with the same interests and networking with them.   🙂

Sara Montazami, Hanna MontazamiSara Montazami, Kaitlynn CarterIMG_0036IMG_0019IMG_0035




Blog Dinner Sneak Peek

 Hey guys! I went to a blog dinner this evening that was hosted by an Australian Brand called Hello Hair, a PR brand called Be Social and babe Kaitlynn Carter who is Brody Jenners girlfriend. I brought along Hanna as my date and we chatted and made some new friends 🙂

More photos from this evening coming tomorrow! xx,

On the Hunt for the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts [& surprise!]

Hi babes!

In the summertime I wear shorts ALL the time, but for some reason I don’t have the right pair of denim shorts for this summer season. I want the classic ripped light denim from either Levi’s or One Teaspoon. Unfortunately I can never find a pair of Levi’s that stretch, and let’s be honest I need to have room for the boootyyyyy. Either that or I go a few sizes up! The shorts that I’m wearing in the picture are actually Levi’s but they’re a bigger size than what I usually wear. So a pair of ripped short shorts are at the top of my shopping list! What’s at the top of your shopping list this summer season? 2 piece sets? Bikinis?  




Hårt arbete betalar av sej :)

Säg hej till Nicholas nya rims. Han har förtjänat dom genom att plugga hårt och förtjänat 5 A:n och 1 B nu när han gick ut junior year i High School. Bra jobbat och det behövdes ett mål i hans fall. Han tog mycket avancerade klasser. 

Kör nu försiktigt!! Kram Maria 

New Summer Heel

Isn’t shoe shopping just the best?! I have been searching for a shoe that screams not too casual but not too dressed up and I thought that this was the perfect answer!

I got here from one of my favorite boutiques, Blue Eyed Girl and you can find them here or here

I am going to a blogger dinner tomorrow hosted by Brody Jenner’s girlfriend Kaitlyn and I feel like these are perfect!    

Headed out for Taco Tuesday tonight!



Läppstiften går till…


Här kommer vinnarna!

Jeanette Nyman 05:16

Berit 16:52

Anna 05:46

Josefin 23:32

Lillemor J 08:55

Carina Hynninen 06:50

Stort grattis till er! Ni kommer bli kontaktade av Anna på den email ni uppgav när ni kommenterade! Håll utkik även i skräppost i fall att de inte dykt upp något imorgon! 

Hoppas ni gillar färgerna! 
Kram Maria 

VIDEO!! My Trip to Maui

DCIM100GOPROHi guys! I put together a video of the GoPro footage we took on our vacation in Maui!  Make sure to put the quality to 720 HD (Settings–>Quality–>720 HD).  Hope you guys enjoy!



Nu lottar jag ut mina favoritläppstift som jag använder dagligen från Mac! Créme De Nude är aningen ljusare än Japanese Maple. OBS ni måste kommentera på bloggen för att vara med att tävla!

Nu kör vi! Jippie och lycka till! 

Kram Maria 

Fourth of July Festivities

Hi babes!

Our Independence Day took place on Saturday so everyone got that Friday off of work and it has just been an entire weekend of celebrations.  I stayed local in Laguna Beach to hang with some friends at their beach house (literally steps away from the water).  I saw so many people from my high school that I seriously haven’t seen since, so it was a nice mini reunion.  Good to catch up with all of them and see what they’ve been up to:)

PS I just booked a flight over to Bali and Australia for the end of July and early August! I am going to Bali for a photoshoot for one of my good friend’s companies and then visiting some of my best friends over in Australia.  It will be complete opposite weather at both places but I seriously CAN’T WAIT to go!! Never been to Aus before.  I will be flying straight to Melbourne so if you guys have any tips of cool places to try or visit then let me know. 🙂