Anna drar till Sverige!!



Tjillevipp! Här kommer en liten videohälsning!
Kram Maria

Happy Friday!!!

Idag har Copper tagit bort stygnen i sitt öra. Hon ser ledsen ut på bikden men hon är jätteglad. Håret kommer att växa ut både på hennes ben och på örsnibben. Hon ligger just nu på det svala golvet eftersom det är ganska varmt ute. 

Idag fyller min mamma 71 år. Mamma ser fantastiskt ut måste jag säga. Hipp Hipp Hurra!!! Min mamma firar tillsammans med min syster Catharina och Emilia. Kram Maria 

Touchdown Melbourne!

Hi guys!

Wow after all that plane Emma, it sure does feel amazing to have finally made it to Melbourne. My bestie Sarah had picked me up from the airport and the sun was shining so she took me to meet up with our mutual friends Bree and Steph for some lunch and cocktails on a rooftop bar. 

The chilly weather is quite a shock at first but I couldn’t be happier that it’s sunny with no rain! Woo.

I made it back to Bree’s place and finally got to shower and freshen up. Felt amazing after all those hours on the plane 🙂 Tonight they are taking me to a hip restaurant called Chin Chins and then out to meet some more friends!   


Interior Design going confused…

Hej på er alla. Jag har ett stort problem och det är att gammalt blir sällan nytt!!! Kolla in denna uppsättning jämfört med…

Bordet är tillbaka som det brukade vara. Nu behåller jag det såhär och kommer att investera i nya lampor av mer modern stil. Såg ni skillnaden? 

Mina nya gunmetal färgade barstools. Lööööve them !!!!!! 

Farstun är så fin och mysig och jag sitter här väldigt ofta när det kommer någon festlig kvällsgäst. 

Ok bli nu inte oroliga men detta våra nya vägglampor i vår entré. De är mycket industrial looking. Nu kommer jag att beställa en ny chandelier i samma familj.  Jaja nog om mina dekorations funderingar. Ni får se när allt är klart. Kram Maria 

A Week of Hellos and Goodbyes

It really is the end of an era! Today was the official move out day of my college house, also known as Cape Cod. I’m not that sad about moving out, I’m more happy to look back at all of the memories we have made in that house.  This move represents not only the end of an era but the start of a new chapter in my life. I’m on to bigger and better things and I truly couldn’t be more excited about it.  Cheers to the future and what it holds! (PS are we weird or is it normal to name your house?? Haha)

I brought these little lights over from my old house to my new apartment, and I framed them around my balcony doors. What do you guys think?! It feels so cozy and homey when I lay on my bed looking out the window towards the pool! 

After a long day of moving, I got back to my apartment and assembled our new desk (IKEA style) all by myself. Sara would’ve helped me but she is on the plane on her way to Australia!  I have to say though I was very impressed that I didn’t make one mistake on the assembly! It’s a beautiful glass and chrome desk that matches perfectly with our other furniture. I can’t wait to show you guys when the office is done!     

Anddddd here’s a picture of my dinner. Pink beet and goat cheese salad with 50+ other delicious toppings and citrus vinaigrette haha. I love sitting on the balcony to eat 🙂



Um Scary! Flight Back to LAX

Hi guys!

Ugh terrible news. I took off to LAX last night and after a few hours of being up in the air, the intercom goes off saying that the pilot’s windshield has cracked and it is not safe enough to continue on with the flight. 

We had to turn the plane around and head right back to LAX. It was such a scary thought and superrrrr inconvenient to say the least. I had to go home at 3am and then come back for a flight at 5pm. I am currently waiting around at the airport now and just praying for no more issues so we can all get to Australia safe and sound 🙂     
 Lots of love<3




Konsten att hänga en tofs!


Kolla in min lilla tofs-hängningsvideo!

Kram Maria

Krauss kran…

Ohhh fantastiskt med en ny stor kran. Hela familjen M är uberglada. Kranen är av märket Krauss. 

Närbild på monstret!!! 

Maria G sorgen att förlora sin mamma måste vara enorm. Kan inte ens tänka tanken. Jag beklagar från hela mitt hjärta för din sorg som du går igenom just nu. 

Kram Maria 


Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!

Something that I am really excited about is that Austin and I have decided to make our own Instagram account, @neverwouldihavethought to post fun and interesting pictures of us as a couple.  We got inspired to do this from yesterday’s photoshoot that we modeled in together.  Everyone was saying how great we photographed together and had great chemistry in front of the camera (and real life hehe) and I was sittin’ over there like YEAHH I’M IN LETS MAKE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT haha.

We want the @neverwouldihavethought account to show our relationship in a positive and inspiring way.  Can you guess why we chose that account name?!  More on that later 😉

Here are some behind the scenes photos of our photoshoot with Faces Apparel yesterday.  We had so much fun and I cannot wait to see the professional photos.  In between takes the photographer wanted to shoot ”us being us” hugging and kissing… it felt like I wasn’t even working haha!









Downtown LA Delivery

 We have become masters at carrying these heavy rolls up and down from OC to LA! Today we delivered 10 rolls of black and white cotton over to our seamstress so we can get our tees in production!:)

  Afterwards we happily walked over to our favorite cafe that we always go to when we are down there and we split a breakfast burrito and some fruit parfaits.
AGetting ready now to head to LAX tonight!!!