30 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hi guys!

Ask and you shall receive!  Here are 30 things you probably didn’t know about me! f079ec056e4f0ed2b2f45a9fc67c9f86



  1. I love the smell of a fresh and new magazine.  Preferably Cosmopolitan.
  2. I always have to be the last one to say bye on the phone.
  3. I can’t work next to someone who has a bad habit (like murmuring words out loud to themselves….. which a random guy at my table at Starbucks happens to be doing right now….)
  4. My pet peeve is when people bite their nails
  5. I love being organized
  6. I’ve had my appendix removed
  7. I love having my own routine and being on my own schedule.
  8. I eat extremely healthy when I’m on my own.  When I’m with Austin, I eat like I’m on vacation.  Can we fix this please?!
  9. I am obsessed with cookie dough
  10. When I cook, I am extremely impatient and will eat almost half my meal as it’s cooking and before I even sit down to eat it.
  11. Austin and I are addicted to the TV show Entourage.  Ari, Lloyd, and Drama are our favorites 🙂
  12. I love home décor.  Restoration Hardware is like heaven to me!
  13. I sneeze EXTREMELY loud
  14. When I cry, my chin quivers. Every damn time.
  15. I think my mom is one of the funniest people I know.
  16. My car is always low on gas. Whyyyyyy.
  17. I don’t like putting medicine in my body, so if I don’t absolutely need it I won’t take it.
  18. I have probably more than 100 nicknames for Austin at the moment.
  19. I played soccer my whole life until I was about 17 years old.  I also did cheerleading in high school. Goooo Dolphins! haha.
  20. I graduated Magna Cum Laude at LMU
  21. I live for the moment when they massage my head at the hair salon
  22. I eat fruit for breakfast everyday
  23. I’m the most tech-savvy person in my family (and that’s saying something because I’m not that tech-savvy)
  24. My favorite foods are fruit and sushi.
  25. I really want to visit South America, Thailand, British Virgin Islands, Bora Bora (and a lot of other tropical places)
  26. I drink coconut water 24/7
  27. I love my long hair (maybe you did know this hehe)
  28. I’m extremely paranoid about locking my car and my apartment.  Even if I’m 100% SURE I locked it, I have to walk back and check if its locked before I leave haha.
  29. We created the Montazami Brand clothing line all on our own from the ground up, there’s no middleman company!  We are sooooo excited to launch!!!
  30. I know the words to basically every song in all of the old Disney movies.



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Any questions??



Cheese doodles..

På väg hem från mataffären möts jag av Catharina och hennes dotter Gabriella. Jag får en gåva och ni ser ju vad det är 🙂 ostkrokar!!!! Jag är så lyckligt lottad som har så snälla fans som packar ner 4 påsar ostisar i sin resväska och reser till soliga Kalifornien och levererar påsarna till mig personligen. Wow mycket uppskattat. Tack än en gång. 

När vi byggde min garderob så planerade vi att göra fina sammetslådor för mina smycken. Nu blev det så att lådorna blev så djupa och det skulle bli så slösigt att offra 3 eller 4 lådor på smycken. Jag har i allafall haft min glas smyckesmöbel i min garderob som jag nu gett till Hanna eftersom den passar så fint med hennes sovrumsmöbler och Sara har även en likadan. Innan Anna åkte till Sverige så beställde vi detta fina set. Det ska installeras på fredag och det höga skåpet ska ju hängas upp och det har inbyggd LED lights. Den mindre möbeln har ju ben som ska fästas på. Ni får se när det är klart. Spännande 🙂

Copper och Molly väntar på mej innan vi åker till deras groomer för att badas och Molly ska klippa topparna. 

Det verkar som ni också har det bra. Vad kul Malin (Mallan) att vara i Dalarna hos dina föräldrar. Kram till er alla Maria 

Photoshoot Prepping 

 Hi guys!

So it’s day two here in Bali and we are prepping for tomorrow’s shoot. Nathan and his girlfriend Louise are coordinating everything and we are going to the absolute cooooolest spots ever for each look. Think waterfalls, volcanoes, temples…all that! I’m so excited!  
Can’t wait to share these photos!




Snapshots of the Week!


Austin brought me a cappuccino in bed <3


relaxing by the pool


Marina Del Rey, the view from Austin’s rooftop that he has been hiding from me!!


my everyday rings


Love this photo ‘cause I look like a cast member in the 3 Blind Mice


here we are


smiling when Austin’s behind the camera 🙂


LOOK AT THIS PHOTO I FOUND OF SARA AND I TODAY! Oh how the times have changed haha.



Hi babes! Aw my short weekend trip to Melbourne has come to an end. Took an Uber to the airport this morning around 5:30am and am just now about to start my journey to Bali.

I can’t wait to get some of that super hot sunny weather and hang with some good friends I haven’t seen in a while! My photoshoot will be Wednesday-Friday and after that will strictly be going on cool adventures that Nathan will take us on. So fun!!    



Hur sotis kan man bli. Anna är nu med sin familj i Oskarshamn och upplever en riktigt härlig tid i sitt barndomshem.  Gissa om hon är glad att vara hemma i sitt gamla rum. Jag har själv aldrig varit i Oskarshamn men om man lyssnar på Anna så ska det vara en riktigt fin och mysig hamnstad. Plus att det finns blåbär i skogen. 

Anna och hennes bror Martin som fyller 25 år snart. Vilken grönska!!!!

För den som är intresserad så var detta min frukost. Jag är en riktigt stor ostälskare och imorse slog jag till med en bit färsk burrata ost. Christian och jag kommer att ta 2 veckors break från pasta, ris, bröd och hålla oss till färska gröna sallader och fisk, kyckling och kött. Spännande 🙂 

Vill även visa er mina nya fina gardiner. Ohhhh fina och färgen heter Spa green. Vad tycks!!!

I går kväll var Kamran, jag, Nicho, Emma och Christian och såg komedin Vacation och den var ganska rolig. Massor med torr humor haha. Kram till er alla Maria 

Quick & Easy Rainbow Quinoa Salad Recipe!

Hello everyone 🙂

Over the weekend I made this AMAZING rainbow quinoa salad for Austin and I and it was too good not to share with you guys!  This is perfect as a healthy side on a dinner plate or something to snack on throughout the day!  I personally enjoy a heaping bowl of this stuff for my lunch 🙂

This is my own homemade recipe and it is good for 4 servings.  I just put the leftovers in the fridge to snack on for the next few days!


  • tri-color or rainbow quinoa (you can use regular quinoa too, I just like the different colors for this dish!)
  • 1 Persian cucumber, chopped in small triangles
  • small head of cilantro, chopped
  • small head of parsley, chopped
  • organic heirloom cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1/4 red onion, chopped medium fine
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

Cook quinoa on the stove as directed on the package.  After quinoa is cooked and cooled down for 10 minutes, place in the fridge to chill.  Once quinoa is chilled, combine all ingredients and season to taste.  Super easy!!!IMG_7015







Gäster med Gester…

Köpte så fina tulpaner idag. Svårt att se på denna bild och jag ser nu på bilden att mitt diningroom ser lite väl gammaldags ut 🙂 Åhhh nej jag kan inte börja dekorera här nu. To much work!!!!

Vi får gäster ikväll och jag har börjat duka med Moments by Maria Montazami. Inte klart ännu men det kommer att bli ett vackert dukat bord när allt är på plats. 

Oxfilét som smakade som en dröm. Till filén serverade jag potatisgratäng och fem kryddor sås. 

Ser kanske inte så gott ut men oj oj oj!!! Kyckling Curry med ris. Stark och kycklingen hade förberetts i min slow cocker och den var så mör och fin. 

Sedan hände det värsta. Min svägerskas hund Messi åker rutschkanan ner till poolen och blir fast där. Han är blöt och rädd och har aldrig simmat förut!!! Vi alla står på andra sidan och hoppas på att Messi ska hoppa i och att simningen kommer naturligt. Vilket den gör…

 Allt är nu tillbaka till det normala. Vi hade en mycket trevlig kväll och nu hoppar jag i säcken. Hörs imorgon kram Maria 

Out in the City


What a lovely few days it’s been here. The weather is seriously an ice berg times ten though ohhhhh my gosh! I definitely under packed when it came to the jacket department but it has been so nice having my friends show me the city and what gorgeous Melbourne has to offer.

This place is so different than any other. It kind of reminds me of Austin, Texas but with a European flare. This city is known for their art and their unique foods. Bree and Sarah have been sure to take me to cool rooftop places, animal sanctuaries, wineries, all in just three days haha. Thanks guys <3 

 Here with Steph and Sarah walking through town! Steph was actually my first roommate in college and is now living with Sarah in Aus. Such a small world huh?

  Always the biggest sucker for some gorgeous flowers <3 

  As you guys can see by their menu, Melbourne has so many unique ”breakie” options! I had the Avocado choice with a poached egg and a chai tea latte and it was so delightful!


After this, Bree’s boyfriend Harris took us to an animal sanctuary where I saw all these exotic Aussie animals that you don’t normally see on a regular basis like koalas and kangaroos:) So cute! 




I couldn’t describe to you guys in words how confused I am at Austin for not telling me about his drop dead gorgeous rooftop area on top of his building!!!!  I wanted to go up there just to take a few industrial-looking photos on the roof, and little did I know I would get an entire 360 degree angle view of Los Angeles.  It is breathtaking!  There’s barbecues, lounge seating, and a huge marble fireplace up there for all of the residents and their guests.

We went up there around sunset, and after taking photos we went down to his place, got our dinners and decided to grill our steaks on the rooftop instead of his kitchen stove!  It was a great Friday night in 🙂 Aaaaaaand this is why I love living in Marina del Rey.

dress: DM Retro // shoes: San Marina // bag: Zara






Right now Austin and I are sitting on the couch watching episode after episode of Entourage.  This is exactly what the docta ordered.