Falling in Love with Plush Rugs

Hi everyone!

As you guys know, Diego and I are now living together! We are so excited for this next step in our relationship and it has been so much fun decorating our new spot together! He loves colors and I love neutrals but somehow we have agreed upon everything that we’ve brought into the apartment.  One of them being, our new RUG! You guys, how gorgeous is this beautiful fresh toned rug for under our bed in our master bedroom!?  It just gave the place an ultimate cozy feeling and really tied everything together!

If you guys are on the hunt for a new rug, I highly recommend clicking HERE and checking out the lovely Plush Rugs. There are a bunch of beautiful selections ranging from all sizes, colors and prices.

What do you guys think?

Click HERE for the exact rug Diego and I got. We ordered an 8’x10′

Now we just have a couple more things to add to the place and then voila we are done! All other furniture pieces that we are checking out at the moment are from COMPASS MODERN. Absolutely drooling over everything.



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