Kopari Beauty

Hi beauty babes!

If you have been following me for quite some time, then you know my love for Kopari Beauty! It’s been so incredible watching them rapidly grow and produce more and more amazing organic and clean products.  Every product I’ve tried truly makes you feel that you have just walked in to your tropical vacation.  It all has a coconut base and the colors of the packaging are so aesthetically pleasing leaving your room and bathroom bright and colorful.

A few of my recent favorites are:

THE COCONUT DEO– I have always been obsessed with the smell of Gardenias so yes, that is my preferred flavor. It’s aluminum free so be sure to know that you have to give it two weeks to work properly.  Once you’ve passed the two week period, this deo will last you all day! Plus I love the silky finish of the product.  It seriously just glide on so nicely!

THE MAI TAI LIP GLOSSY – I love this coral color but to be honest, they’re all amazing! They are moisturizing, taste like coconut and looks super silky when you are rocking that nice natural beauty look.

SUNDAZE SUNSCREEN- This SPF 30 is awesome! It protects from UVB, UVA and those harsh blue light rays! Definitely a must try!


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