Our Afternoon With Laura Mercier

Photos by Ron Mey

Hi guys!

Have you had the chance to see my stories on Instagram regarding this foundation?! If not, go take a peek @saramontazami to see my skin transformation.  Hanna and I were invited to meet the Laura Mercier team yesterday to try out their most recent launch of the Flawless Radiance Perfecting Foundation.  They had their team there from Canada set up with different makeup stations for each influencer to get a first hand experience and tutorial of the new product.  My makeup artist tried all the goodies on me and explained each product.  I’ve only tried the LM concealer and tinted moisturizer before so I wasn’t too familiar with the brand but I did know they have a great reputation and very loyal customers.

What I really loved about this product is the fact that they have SO MANY SHADES! I’ve never seen this big of a variety before.  We found the color that matched me perfectly and he applied a light layer so I didn’t feel like I was all caked up before a shoot which was so refreshing.  It has Vitamin C in the product as well as keeps you hydrated for 12 hours! These photos were taken straight from the camera and not edited so you guys can see exactly how good this product is! WOW

Shop the foundation HERE

Try it out when you are searching for your next favorite foundation!!



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