Mommy + Daughter Day

Aw I can’t tell you guys enough how much I love my mom! She’s seriously the best and I’m just so grateful for everything she is and does for me and my family. Today I decided to go home to OC and hangout with her. We haven’t had just us time in a while so it was definitely needed! I came home and we hung around the house a bit and caught up with what’s been going on since I saw her last week. We then decided to have a little fun and hit up South Coast Plaza!

We got some new cute items and even got one outfit the same as each other from Zara 🙂 I’ll show you guys in my next post!

My mom let me wear her new turban today from Happy Turbans! It was a hit at the mall! What do you guys think!?

And then we followed our tradition by going to Quattro Cafe for dinner:) I suckers in to getting the pasta and my mom got her Carpaccio. We are friends with the owner and of courseeeee he brought out the most delicious Italian desserts. Gym for me tomorrow that’s for sure!

Night night!



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