Open Door Helicopter Tour with TripAdvisor


Hi guys!

These photos are from when Diego and I went to Hawaii and decided to go on an open-door helicopter! I always love exploring a new city by doing something a little adventurous.  Sometimes it’s bike riding, driving along the coast, or simply walking around, BUT this time we decided to go on an open-door helicopter tour overlooking all of Oahu! It was an absolute beauty of a day and we sat right in the front next to the pilot.  Diego’s feet were dangling right outside which was so crazy to grasp that concept! It was a fifty minute tour and we got all the history of the island told by our pilot as well as where movies were filmed at like 50 First Dates and Jurassic Park!

I totally recommend using TripAdvisor on your next vacation so you can see what the place has to offer! TripAdvisor is the perfect tool to get you a good deal on something awesome! I’m talking EVERYTHING.  Cooking classes, boat tours, heli rides, museums, dinner recommendations, hotels…you name it, they got it 🙂

Check them out here to see more…



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