Show Me Your Mumu Event!

Hi my loves!

OMG tragic news, I left my phone in Mexico, UGHHHHH! I left it at the restuarant we were at on the last night and then of course they were closed until Tuesday so I was not able to get my phone back before I left the country! Now I’m phoneless in California trying to wait for them to send my phone back with basically no contact with them. I don’t know if I need to go buy a new phone or just wait for them to send it.  I had a long call with them yesterday and the whole plan was for them to email me with follow up tracking information and everything, buttttt no response today so it’s not looking good.

Today, I went phoneless to a blogger event over in Laguna Beach which was so lovely and definitely a breath of fresh air not holding on to my phone every second. We got to check out their latest pieces from their summer collection while sipping on rose and snacking on delicious cheeses 🙂 It was then followed by a tasty dinner at The Deck in Laguna Beach.

Now I’m home hanging with my mom, dad, grandma and the pups sitting in the family room 🙂


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