Road tripping to San Francisco

Hi guys!

Diego and I are on the road to San Francisco!! We decided to make it a fun drive and hit up a few hot spots along the way. We went to get breakfast in Montecito called Jeannines and got the eggs Florentine and breakfast burrito. I fully recommend stopping by this place, SO GOOD! We then drove on over to Solvang which is a super cute Danish town with windmills and bakeries everywhere. Next on the list was Madonna Inn where we stopped for a drink and to look around. The place is sooooo unique with 110 hotel rooms all designed differently in very bold and drastic colors.

Last stop before San Francisco was this spot in San Luis Obispo for some lunch by the creek! Very eventful day to say the least! Now we are about an hour away from San Francisco and can’t wait to get all settled in!



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