Jergens Momma & Daughter Brunch

Hi my loves!

Here are a few images from that incredible lunch my momma, Hanna and I went to last week with Jergens! They out do themselves every time I see them! This event was held at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel at the outdoor patio of restaurant Jean Georges! I believe it’s a Michelin star restaurant so you could imagine how incredible it was! Leslie Mann is their spokeswoman this year so she was there with her mom and daughter which was so cute to see them all in person. I love her in all her movies so I was excited to see her there!

I’m so happy my mom was able to join us at this event. She’s so adorable and dressed up all beautifully with a new dress and shoes. Shoutout to my mom for being one of the greatest! Love you 🙂

We have to choose one of these photos to get sent over in print to our house! Which one do you guys like best?



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