Murphy’s Ranch Trail

Hey guys!

So after emails and getting some work done, Diego and I decided to hit up a new trail to get a little hike in! We’ve heard about this one and thought to check it out. We didn’t know much about it except that it had ruins of something affiliated with ”Nazi sympathizers”… I definitely want to do some more research behind it and see what it’s all about but I have to say it was pretty creepy and I’d never have been able to do it alone! It’s a pretty popular trail over here though and known for all the graffiti that people have spray painted over the years on all the ruins. As you can see, people got pretty crafty with it. It was such a bummer to see all the people had left so much trash behind though. There were tons of spray bottles and rubbish all over, when at the same time this trail was so green and beautiful. Diego and I spoke about doing a group clean up one day to get the trail cleaned up. My friend always does group beach clean-ups so this could be for the next one!

You can find this trail by just googling Muphy’s Ranch Trail and you just park in the beautiful neighborhood and then walk down to the trail. The trail takes about 1.5-2 hours and starts off pretty easy and gets a little more challenging at the end.



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