Skydiving Marked Off the Checklist!

You guys?!

Can you seriously believe it? I went skydiving for the first time ever! I am someone who used to love roller coasters and all that but now have such a fear for heights and for something bad going wrong! My fear never stops me from doing something though. I love the adventurous stuff so I just have to keep telling myself that’s it’s all going to be okay. One thing that I thought I’d never ever do though, was skydiving! Since I met Diego, he’s been wanting to do it with me and I always kind of ignored it and said yeah maybe one day. Well this Valentines Day I said I’d do it with him when we got to Hawaii! The time finally came, we did it and had the best time ever! What an amazing feeling! Scary but the amazingness takes over all. I’m so happy I got the chance to do it over beautiful Oahu as well! Success!



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