Exploring Oahu

Hi my loves!

Oh Oahu has been so magical! Diego’s aunt and uncle have been taking the greatest care of us and welcoming us to their home. We’ve been doing family dinners and hangouts at the house. Last night Diego and I decided to return the favor and cook for them so we made salmon in the oven, sautéed spinach with onion and then a rice pilaf with tiny bits of broccolini and mushrooms! Everyone loved it which was a total relief 🙂

We also went and toured The Mokes in Lanikai which are those two islands that you can see in the photo with Diego! They are so famous here and you can almost see them in every post card or drawing of Oahu. Very special over here 🙂

Now Diego is dropping the family off to the airport so we are going to house sit their place with his dad and sis. Hmm, what to do next!



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