Birthday Dinners for Diego!

Hi lovies!

Wow what a busy last few weeks it’s been! From weddings to birthdays, modeling jobs, Montazami Brand and traveling, I’m absolutely exhausted! Whenever it gets busy like this, it’s always so nice to come home and catch up with everything.

The last few days we’ve been celebrating Diego’s birthday with his mom’s side in Beverly Hills and his dad’s side in Laguna Beach. We just finished up dinner with his dad and sister this evening and watched the movie Coco right after. It was sooooo cute! I love the movies with messages of how important family is 🙂

Earlier today I went home to my parents’ house and did a bunch of laundry and got to see my mom and dad and Emma for a little bit! How pretty does my mom look with her new kimono?!So much love for my fam:)



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