Bubble Baths with Miraval

Ooh my favorite rosé and a hot and steamy bubble bath! What a beautiful combination:) I’ve told myself that stress is so unnecessary and that there is such better way to handle things. When I’m stressed, I grab a piece of paper and just start writing. I love making to-do lists and being able to check them off one by one. I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember and for me it works wonderfully. I even found some time before yesterday’s flight to take a little bubble bath and relax before all the commotion! Hanna and I are only in Sweden for a couple days so everything will be go go go. I love it that way, the busy way. So this bath was the perfect way to get ready for the trip! And of course the little sips of Miraval! What is your guys’ favorite Rosé and what do you guys do to manage stress?! I’d love to know!



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