Laguna Beach Day

Oooh the sun is shining and there’s no place in California I’d rather be than right in Laguna Beach where I grew up! Diego and I are both from this area so we both have different childhood memories of all the little local spots here. It’s so nice to be able to come home and hang with my family and then go meet up with him at his dads house for dinner or what not:)

In the photo I’m wearing one of my friends jewelry line called @brooklyngracejewelry ! She has such gorgeous pieces that is definitely worth checking out! You can get 25% off by going to her site and using code MONTAZAMISISTER25 🙂

Let me know if there’s any issue with the code and I’d be happy to help!



Comment 01
  • Isabel Post author

    Since you are both from the same area, did you have any mutual friends from before or have you met somewhere before you started dating?
    I realise that California and probably also Laguna Beach is pretty big though 🙂

    Will definitely check the jewelry out!



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