Dropping off Momma at the Doctors

Aw look how cute my mom looks! I was with her all day yesterday as she couldn’t eat since she had a colonoscopy appointment today! Everyone at her age has to get one during their yearly check up:) So yesterday she was living off of jello, Gatorade, water and tea and had to take a laxative last night. I felt bad every time I took a bite of food because I know that if I was her I’d just be craving a bite soooooo bad! She handled it like a rockstar though:) I took her to the doctors this morning at 8:30am and then picked her up in a wheel chair at 11am. She said she feels totally fine, just a little weak and doesn’t remember anything. She told me that in the beginning they told her to think of something positive before she got put to sleep and she said she thought of her Starbucks latte with cinnamon sugar on top. Haha gotta love her 🙂 She’s now resting and we’re watching the movie Battle of the Sexes!



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