More Snow Please!

Hi loves!

Ooh NYE is quickly approaching! Do you all have plans yet and those sparkly outfits ready? I know I’m either going to wear a plush purple dress or this sequined dress with tights and boots. We aren’t totally sure what we’re doing yet but I think we are going to this local party in Mammoth that everyone goes to. Plus it happens to be one of our friends birthdays on the 31st so we have some extra celebrating to do 🙂

Mammoth has been so much fun so far. We’ve been cooking at home every night. Hanna and I made Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes! The night before Justin and Anna made tacos and then last night Diego and Rudy made spicy chicken and pasta with veggies while Hanna and I took care of the goat cheese, pear and crushed candies walnut salad! Yum. We’ve been snowboarding everyday but unfortunately it hasn’t snowed as much this year so it’s a lot of icy patches and little dirt and trees poking out from under the snow. It’s still such a great time though! Tomorrow we’ll be sledding which should be a blast!



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