Christmas, We’re Ready for ya!

Hi guys!

Christmas has arrived! In the States we celebrate on the actual 25th with family and then on Christmas Eve, we are with all of our family friends down the street from my parents’ house in Orange County! I’ve just been home this week prepping for everything and buying presents for the family and boyfriend! I think I bought a lot of great gifts this year and am just super excited to give them to everyone!!

We just went and saw all the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights in Dana Point and look how cool! Nicho, Hanna and our friend Rudy all went to go check it out and we found the coolest installation ever! It was a whale lit up all throughout, so it looked so cool when you walked inside! Here is my brother Nicho holding me in there:)

Oh and how cute does my mom look?! We were telling her all day that her hair looked so good! She styled it differently with vertical curls and we all thought it looked so amazing! Thoughts?? 🙂



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