Today’s Happenings

Hi babes!

Christmas shopping is just about done! Hanna and I are getting each other camera! Help please…Sony A6500 of a Fujifilm?? We are debating and not sure which one to choose. Earlier I was debating about these two rings as well! Jaws vibe or Indian feels? I chose the shark mouth and am going to give it to Nicho for Christmas along with a shirt from that same awesome shop in Laguna!

After our shopping, we went to Active Culture which is a restaurant with tons of healthy bowls, smoothies and frozen yogurt! I got the Wholesome bowl and it was a total dream! Yum 🙂

And okay hello what the heck did we see in the sky this evening?? I legit thought aliens were coming in hot but apparently it’s just Space X…Nothing to worry about here people 🙂 hehe.



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