Getting Festive with Jotex

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Hi everyone!

Finally the photos came in from when my mom, Hanna and I went to Sweden to film the Jotex campaign! If you guys aren’t familiar with Jotex then now’s the time for you to hear all about it.  They are an online boutique with a huge variety of home decor.  I’m talking everything! I fell in love with all of their unique pieces ranging from their lighting to their wall art.  For me, I think it is so important to create a style in your room/house that makes you and your guests feel welcome.  That being said, lots of comfortable seating, clean open areas, lots of whites and metals, green plants, and different textured pieces on the walls are ALL WELCOME.  And guess what, you can get all that at Jotex.  Hanna and I created this vibe for our home during the holidays. For this time of year, I love making my place super cozy with velvet materials, wool/fur blankets and throws and seasonal darker pillows but I always try and stay true to my Moroccan theme.

I have a couple favorite pieces from this setting which include the three floor lanterns.  How gorgeous are they?! I also LOVE the chandelier with the gold metal detailing. I have been all about gold these days.  I feel that when it’s done right, it looks so beautiful and exclusive. The macrame piece on the wall is also a must-have! I think the macrame is perfect when you are in mine and Hanna’s age range and are going for a more bohemian vibe. 🙂 My mom styled her place a lot different than mine and Hanna’s by adding a few more luxurious pieces and a completely different color scheme but still so beautiful!

You guys should definitely check out this amazing shop HERE

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Happy shopping and enjoy!


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