A Special Birthday Dinner for My Momma

Hi babes!

Oh today has been so cozy! After last night’s late celebrations for my mom’s birthday party, all of us woke up pretty slowly with a long homemade breakfast and chats about memories from the night before. Since today was her actual birthday, everything was on my mom’s terms today 🙂 We hung with only family all day and it felt so nice to just be us and hang first at my Mormor’s house and then to a dance dinner in the evening. A beautiful hotel on the water offered to host a private dinner for my mom’s birthday where we would be the only guests in the restaurant and would get to try a three course meal with whatever the chef had whipped up! It was so delicious:) For starters we had scallops, dinner was halibut with potatoes, roasted beets and vegetables, and dessert was a unique style of creme brulee with ice cream. Yum! We paired it with some nice wine too which made for a great night out 🙂

Afterwards we went back to my Mormor’s house to watch the soccer game and Sweden ended up continuing so they’d be able to play in the World Cup 2018! How exciting!!

Happy birthday Mommy <3



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