Birthday Celebrations

Hi babes!

Yesterday, Hanna and I left Helsingborg to hang with my mom, Mormor and Aunt Karina plus a whole other gang of family and friends to celebrate my mom’s birthday! My Mormor hosted everything at her house with good food and drinks. My mom and her had made the place so nice and festive with cute decorations and candles lit.

We sang happy birthday for her in Swedish, told funny stories and stayed up till 2:30 in the morning singing and dancing. It was so cute that I would just start tearing up with joy and I saw my mom and Mormor doing the same 🙂

And how funny is that bottom photo of my Mormor! We told her we wanted to see more photos of when she was younger and she shows us that! She looks exactly like how my mom did when she was younger. Such a beauty 🙂

Today is my mom’s actual birthday so we are celebrating by going to town just us girls and doing something special. Then tonight we are having a private dinner by the water. It’s going to be so nice!



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