Outfit details: Duster and Shorts/One Teaspoon , Top/Montazami Brand , Jewelry/FiveandTwo , Socks/Calzedonia , Booties/Matisse , Sunglasses/RayBan , Belt/Ralph Lauren

Hi my loves!

Ugh day two with dealing with this annoying cold! I’ve been trying to get rid of it by eating healthy, not drinking and trying not to take all my normal go-to medicine that I always take when I get a cough or cold.  I’ve been trying to train my body to fight off the bacteria on its own without the aid of those prescriptions.  We’ll see how that goes.  I decided to keep my workouts going strong.  I’ve been taking classes and just going a little less on the cardio and yoga and then more of strength training.  It seems to be working for me so far.  Hopefully this cold is gone before I take off to Cabo next week! Fingers crossed.

Hanna and I had a very productive day today getting things done for Montazami Brand! We met with our sewer and just went over all of our latest pieces! It feels good to get everything checked off the list, which is exactly what we did.  I’m getting really excited for MB, because we are finally starting to make some moves with talking about getting in stores and working expos and all that!

After our day Downtown, Hanna and I hit up Abbot Kinney right at sunset hour to get some fresh air.  I just love hanging out down there.  It’s clean and there’s always some sort of new shop or restaurant that’s opened up and just ready to get explored 🙂 Today…it was the mysterious alleyway.



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