27 Years Old Today!

Hi friends!

Wow what a day! Today was my birthday and when I say I was seriously showered with love from the second I woke up to when I shut my eyes to go to bed, I mean it! I turn d 27 today and felt so special to be surrounded by such wonderful people all day long. It started with breakfast with my boyfriend in Santa Monica! We went to a new place and shared some mimosas :)

Hanna then picked me up to go to South Coast Plaza to meet my mom for a lunch and to shop around. I ended up feeling so overwhelmed with love that i ended up crying happy tears at lunch haha. Please look at @hannamontazami ‘s Instagram stories to see!!

Afterwards, we went to a yoga class for Alo Yoga that was on top of a heli pad which was the coolest thing ever! And the theme of the day must have been helicopters b cause after  Hat my boyfriend and I rode in a helicopter to get a full tour of the city!

It was the coolest thing ever!!!

And our lovely dinner date was the perfect cherry on top of the cake :)

Thank you everyone for all the birthday love:)



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