Good Times in LA

Hi loves!

This weekend has been so much fun! It started on Thursday with a friends birthday party at her boyfriends beautiful new home! We then went to a Tom Petty concert on Friday with a huge group of 16! That included my brother and sister too which was so good having them there.

Saturday was a pool party at The Standard where our friends were dj-ing 🙂 They we’re playing so many classics so it was so fun to dance along 🙂 

After that we went to a friends’ house where they renewed their vows which was beautiful 🙂 

Sunday, I went to brunch with my mom, sisters and Mormor at The Ivy at the Shore. I got the lobster pasta Yum!!

Today’s Monday and back to work and in routine we go! My birthday is on Thursday!!!! Have to start making some plans for that 🙂


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