Photo shoot At Sturegallerian

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Hi loves!

Aw today just melted my heart! Hanna and I were fortunate enough to shoot with a group of amazing women who work at this boutique in Sturegallerian called Wink! They have the cutest pieces and I was so confused how this was seriously my first time walking in their shop! Hanna and I shot some of their last pieces for fall and it was just so fun listening to music and getting the shot:) My favorite piece is the navy blue coat! It’s absolutely gorgeous so I just had to bring it home with me! I’ll show you guys a more close up shot with it tomorrow for you to see.

We then met up with the Lifestyle Publishing crew for drinks and chats! Such an awesome crew of people  🙂 That was then followed up by a delicious dinner at Samba Maki with our Calzedonia dream team.

So far this trip has been so wonderful!! WE LOVE SWEDEN!


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