Hi babes!

I just got back home from such a fun weekend in Laguna Beach! My boyfriend and I went to a couple birthday parties on Saturday and ended it with going to a local bar that everyone always ends up at when they go out in Laguna.  It’s called Sandpiper but it’s nickname is The Dirty Bird.  It’s a total kind of grungy dive bar but it’s always a great time and they have great live music that everyone all dances to.

I’m now back in Venice and went for a nice walk around my new spot! I wanted to just show you guys my new boyfriend ripped up denim from PacSun! I just got a new few pairs from them and I haven’t wanted to take them off….so comfy with just the right wash and fit! The top is Montazami Brand but this one is just a sample so the fit for our production tees are totally different and not as low cut haha.


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