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Hi lovies!

I hope you guys aren’t getting too much of an Italy overload by reading my blog lately haha! I’m just really trying to show and explain how wonderful this place is! I’ve traveled to many wonderful and special places but for some reason this country just really stood out.  The people, the views, the FOOD, the experiences, everything has been nothing but special.

We have been spending a few days at each spot which has been perfect! We did end up leaving Rome a day early though because we thought there was so many other places in Italy that had a lot more charm.  Rome felt very tourist-y to us.  It was awesome being able to see the main attractions like the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums but riding vespas in Toscana and walking down hundreds of stairs to get to the most amazing beach in Capri and spontaneous day trips to Positano is what I’m all about! Hanna and I’ve had the best time and don’t want to leave!

Now time to explore Florence <3


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