Making Pasta by Scratch for the First Time

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WOW was today even real?!

Hanna had a brilliant idea of going to a class and making pasta all from scratch! We found this on ”AirBnb Experiences” and trust me, it’s a must try! We made three different types of pasta amongst a class of 8 people and all had the absolute best time doing it.  It was such a cool experience and everything turned out perfectly believe it or not!! There was one instructor named Veronica and she had brought along her friend to help named Barbara. We had appetizers while we were cooking and sipped on chilled white wine while chatting to the other travelers in the class.

We made Tagliatelle, Ravioli and Gnocchi! The Tagliatelle dish with the fresh tomatoes and basil was my absolute favorite!!

If you guys want this girl’s information then let me know and I can share! It’s amazing, I promise <3



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