Roam-ing Around Rome



Hi friends!

First full day here in Rome was a success and the night is young so it’s not over yet! We started the morning at the farmers market that is literally steps from our AirBnb.  Talk about convenience, especially since Hanna and I have been craving a smoothie and that’s exactly what we got at the market! Fresh organic fruit smoothie in hand while on our walk to the Colosseum.  We passed by a beautiful political building on our way and decided to check it out 🙂

I had to wear this outfit in this crazy heat because we were going to the Vatican Museums and church afterwards which meant covered shoulders and knees.  Anyways, the Colosseum was amazing to see in person.  It’s such a historic and beautiful work of art.  I DEFINITELY recommend taking a tour because otherwise you spend about a third of your time in there and have no idea about all the little fascinating details.  There was so much detail going into this as you can see all throughout from the marble floors to the engraved words and design. The Colosseum took 8 years to build and was built mostly by Jewish slaves. It was used for so many different gatherings in Rome to bring everyone together to eat and drink for free and enjoy whatever show was going on that day.  There were gladiator fights, exotic animals sent from Asia and Africa that were shown to the public and then all killed and eaten by all the attendees. It held around 70,000 people and entry was free but they still needed tickets because of the capacity there.  The majority of the city was in poverty so this was there way to go and forget about there worries and have a good time.  I have so many more facts that I learned from today!! Seriously was listening as best I could to just process it all.  I loveeeeee learning about the history of this incredible country <3 I LOVE ITALY.



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