All about the Jumpsuits

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Hi babes!

Have you guys been following along on mine and Hanna’s Italian adventures on instagram?! If not, be sure to check out my page at @saramontazami to see the latest of what we have been up to.  I will be doing a recap when I come home of what I loved about Italy and give you guys all the tips and info you need for your vacay if you decide to go one day! Trust me when I say that Italy is a place worth spending time and money for! It’s absolutely incredible.

Hanna and I have a really fun day planned for tomorrow and the following day while we are in Rome! It’s a totally different vibe than our beauty days in Positano and Capri so we are making sure not to miss all the hidden gems in Rome! Stay tuned for what’s going on tomorrow here and on insta!

Here are photos I took in LA right before I left to Italy! This jumpsuit is my favorite of all time! It’s from Paige and just fits like a glove.  Nice and long for us tall girls and just the perfect thing to throw on where you still feel chic but comfortable <3



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