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Hey boos!

With all the sun exposure from our pool and beach days this summer, we all know that comes with making sure to take good care of your hair and skin! I am the person that loves sitting out basking in the sun getting my blog on, so I have to be extra careful to layer on the sunscreen and nourish up the hair so it doesn’t dry out.

I got this amazing package of goodies from Behrman PR and I am so grateful and excited to try it all out! I have actually tried a few of these items before but just now discovered a few new favorite brands and products that I’m happy to share with you.

First off, THIS CANDLE. I haven’t heard of LAFCO before but now it’s a new favorite. It was the first thing I opened in the package and my house already smells like an ocean breeze mixed with gardenias…um freshness at it’s finest my friends. They have a million different flavors so take a peak around and see which one stands out to you.

I have definitely tried out all the KOPARI products since one of my good friends works there and I have always been a huge fan! My favorite is their SHIMMER and their COCONUT ROSE TONER

Another must try are the EVO products! Eva is a brand from Australia that has really cool and clean packaging plus smells delicious.  This package came with the SALTY DOG(beach spray), the WATER KILLER(dry shampoo) and the END DOCTOR(smoothing sealant for your ends).  I love all three and I feel like you can use all of them at different times and they all compliment each other well.  

The rest of the package includes:

Slip- Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Vita Liberata- Body Blur Luxury Tan

Colorescience- Brush on Sunscreen and Mineral Corrector Palette

Indie Lee- Brightening Cleanser

Starskin- Revitalizing Luxury Bio Cellulose Face Mask

Eos- Lip Balm

Instytutum- Alive Water and Serum

Aquis- Long Hair Towel

NKD SKN- Pre-Shower Tan

Style Edit- Root Touch-Up and Root Concealer  (make sure you choose the right hair color here)

Have you guys tried any of these or have any questions?!



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