Luv & Bart Giveaway

Hi loves! 

It’s BLOG GIVEAWAY time! I’ve partnered up with this super cute jewelry line named Luv and Bart who makes the perfect bracelets that are so easy to put on and wear with everything. I always love wearing these types of colorful bracelets in the summer time when I’m tan and have a bikini on or shorts/jeans and a tee!

Get your chance to win all of these bracelets featured above by commenting anything below saying what you’d wear it with or just that you want to enter the contest! 

The winner will be announced on Sunday so tell your friends and family to comment and get their chance too! 

You can also see more of their jewels by clicking here…



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  • Malin

    I’d love to win some beautiful jewelry! I had my first baby this spring and would love some new jewelry to wear during my maternity leave :) I’m not back in shape just yet, so my favourite summer clothes will have to stay in the wardrobe for now, so some new jewelry would be absolutely perfect!


  • Susanne

    Sarah! Looking good as always! No comment on that part! lol.
    -The bracelets tho, I would wear them with a colourfull shirt, with the hands rolled up, to show off the beautiful bracelets on my tanned skin, just so they can glow and show off a little extra!
    – I would Love to win them, not just because its a nice bracelet.. Just because Im a fan of you and your mother Maria! ❤️
    – Wish u the best! (Sweden)


  • Kristin

    I would love to win <3
    I guess they will look quite good on me, actually :-)

    I'm (sadly) not very stylish – but I guess they would look good anyway!



  • Maja

    Love IT ! With a simple tee! Älskar bloggen kram


  • Ingela Fernebrand

    Lovely bracelets. Would wear with my white summerdress and summer sandals.


  • Annika

    Beautiful bracelets! Would very much like to win one.


  • Caroline

    Hi ☺️

    The bracelets are so cute! I would wear them with a white tank top, levis shorts and a long kimono! :)


  • Liza

    I don’t win any kind of contest, EVER!
    I LOVE these bracelets!!


  • Jenny

    Since my mum turns 60 tomorrow and I turned 36 last monday we deserve to win these. :D It’d be an extra treat for both of us. :)


  • Elin

    I want to win sooooo bad!! Need to update my jewellery wardrobe.
    I just bought a new pair of grey superga shoes and a cute of shoulder top that I would wear with the bracelets :)


  • Therese G

    I would love to give these to my mother for her upcoming birthday. She’s not a fan of jewellery that are “too much” and preferes more subtle things to wear. Therefore I think these would be perfect for her :)
    Fingers crossed! Kram kram


  • Isabel

    I would definitely wear them for when it is time to hit the beach – those would be the perfect match to any summerish beach outfit!


  • Angelica

    It is not that I dont love my old bracelets but after I cleared out my jewellery a few days ago I realized that I could really need an update … And this would be such a perfect start!


  • Klaudija Martinovich

    Hi Sara.

    These bracelets look awsome. I would very much like to enter the Contest. I would be so happy if I won one of these gorgeous ones.
    Hugs from Köping.


  • Klaudija Martinovich

    Hi Sara,

    I would very much like to enter the Contest to win these gorgeous bracelets. I don´t have so many bracelets, so to have these to wear when I take my walks around Town would be great. Hugs!


  • Johanna

    Omg, these are so cute! I would wear the bracelets with my everyday outfit; jeans and a cute top with white converse! I literally wear this everyday so would be fun to spice up the outfit!!


  • Helena W

    I’m entering! :) Not sure what I would wear the bracelets with, but cut-offs and a white tee is pretty much my go to outfit during summer.


  • Helene

    Hi there Sara!

    WOW!!! I love these bracelets as they would go perfectly along with my hippie/gypsy style that I love but sometimes find it difficult to find matching jewelery with. And… my birthday is just around the corner so this would be the BEST present EVER! Keeping my fingers crossed :) Lots of LOVE


  • Vera

    These bracelets are just so perfect for summer!! I’d weare it to a white oversize t-shirt, blue Levi’s shorts, a cool leather belt and Birkenstock. That’d be so cute!

    You’re such a inspiration and I love your blog + insta. Have a good one. X


  • Pia

    Hi Sara!
    I would pair them with a simple loose tee, denimshorts and a boho bag, for a relaxed summer look :)
    Would love to win them, they look really cute!
    Hugs! x


  • Isabella

    Loving these little bracelets!


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