Lunch at the Delicious Tocaya Organica

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Hi babes!

OMG have you heard of Tocaya Organica?! It is a delicious restaurant with a few locations around LA and get this, it’s vegan with the choice of adding on meat and cheese for those who’d like to.  It’s perfect for those vegan friends that you want to go to lunch with but never know where to go! I met up with my girlfriends and Hanna at the Venice location yesterday and we just had a delightful feast! I ordered the Street Corn en Fuego Bowl with Chicken Tingha (shredded) and no cheese but added black beans! SO DREAMY. We also had some plantain chips and guacamole with a delicious watermelon limeade.  The staff is so sweet and friendly.  If you guys go, then tell them I sent you hehe.



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