Blending in with the setting in Calzedonia

Hi my loves! 

Guess who came home yesterday!? My mom, Nicho and Hanna came he from their trip to Sweden and France and it was so great to hear all about their adventures. I love Europe in summer time…just the best! 

Meanwhile I’ve been staying local and honestly can’t complain! The weather has been so dreamy so it’s been a bunch of pool time during any free moment! Now that the weekend has approached us, I’m heading to the beach with one of my besties Melissa! Hmm where shall we go? I’m thinking Laguna Beach for sure. It’s my favorite spot in socal for beaches 🙂

My bikini is from Calzedonia! They have some really cute prints right now that you guys have to check out! I loved how this one totally matched my background. It makes me feel like a total jungle girl 😉 



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