I’m one of the Superga Girls of the Year!!

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Hi angels!

Happy Friday! I am so happy to be back home in LA after a super fun and successful trip to Catalina! The shoot with Sole Bicycles went great and I was so happy to be there with my boyfriend and crew 🙂

I wanted to share something with you all! I am happy to announce that I have now joined the @SupergaScandinavia team and become one of the #SupergaGirls this year!! Superga has always been one of my favorite brands for sneakers because they are so comfortable and look so nice and fresh with every casual outfit.  Here I am wearing the cream ones with a small platform!

The new 2790 model with this plateau sole is my absolute favorite.

Check them out here…

Have you guys tried Superga before?? The only thing I noticed is that you should shop down a size for these since they run on the bigger side!!

Enjoy and happy weekend!


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