Sunny Daze in Marina Del Rey

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Hi my loves!

What an eventful week! It just felt like there was no chance to just relax because there was always something exciting going on. I’m trying to get ahead on work since I will be heading off to a festival next Wednesday! I am so excited for it.  It’s called Lightening in a Bottle and for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s just a bunch of deep house music, techno, bright colored outfits and camping in tents and RV’s! Cannot wait!

But this week we made sure to get our errands and work done during the day and then play at night!! Hanna and I have been hanging around Venice a lot more, which is an area that I’m really starting to love!

With the weather warming up, there has been a bunch going on where the locals all get together and hangout! There was an Art Crawl happening on Abbott Kinney yesterday so a group of us went, drank some beer, listened to music and checked out the art.  We bounced around from one store to the next to see it all.  That’s the stuff I’m talking about! It’s so much better than driving all the way to West Hollywood and going to a club, trust me!

I wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Friday! Hanna and I just finished a little tanning time by the pool and now are going to take our bikes for a spin!

Bikini from Calzedonia


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  • Oana Post author

    Hey Sara, I’ve been following your blog (and Hanna’s) for quite some time now and as much as I appreciate your family bond and I understand that living with your sister, who is also a blogger, means doing a lot of things together, I must say that your blogs just look alike a lot of the times. Even the past two days you’ve basically posted the same stuff. Doing the same things, going to the same places surely makes it hard to find other subjects, but it would be interesting to see distinct content on your blogs.
    I’m sorry this is my first comment, but I hope you’ll find it constructive and you and Hanna you’ll find a way to differentiate yourselves. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Berlin!


  • T Post author

    Hi Sara! I’m wondering what happened between you and your boyfriend? Are you still a couple bc I haven’t seen him in your instagram for a while.


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