My Babygirl Obsession at The Daily Edited

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My mom and I got invited to an event tonight in Orange County! An Australian purse label called The Daily Edited was hosting a small pop up shop in Saks Fifth Avenue where they invited some people to get to choose the bag of their choice and then get it engraved! I have been on the hunt for a black and gold purse so I chose this one and just got my name written on it 🙂

I also decided to get a new phone case! Instead of writing my initials or name, I decided to engrave something I’ve been wanting to have forever! Haha strangely enough I’ve always wanted to have something customized for me saying ”BABYGIRL”…don’t ask me why! I was thinking my license plate, jackets, shoes, purses…but never did it, so today was the day and phone case it was 😉

What do you guys think?

Check them out here…



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