Revolve Party at Coachella

Hey babes! 

For the last day of Coachella, we decided to hit the Revolve party before the festival to see some friends and hang for a bit before our last day of dancing. They had rented out a whole hotel for the weekend to have their team stay at and also where the party would be held! Right when we walked in, there was a side with all these food carts to our right and then as we entered the left side of the hotel there was a stage with different performers, a couple bars serving up these amazing banana pina coladas and then loads of beautiful people just hanging on the grass or dancing in their cabanas that were overlooking the mini lake they had right there! It was so cool and fun:) We ran into a couple Swedish bloggers that we love, Kenza and Angelica 🙂 Always so good to see them! 

I have a lot more Coachella looks coming up on the blog and insta (@saramontazami) this week so stay tuned! 



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