Stuck in the 70’s!

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Reeboks, flower pants and yellow sunnies?! What year are we living in?! Haha I am just loving all these throwback trends! Can you tell? ;)

I really got tempted to just wear only these types of clothes when I stayed at The Goodland Hotel in Santa Barbara.  The whole 70’s theme was so cool so I just couldn’t help myself!

Today we filmed a bit for Svenska Hollywoodfruar! I love being a part of this show!! Is there anything that you guys would really want to see on our reality show??! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Shona

    Hey Sara,

    Have you chosen a winner for the “Get your Glow On” – giveaway? I’ve been checking your blog regularly but haven’t seen any post saying who the winner is yet :)

    Have a lovely day!


  • Pauline

    Hi Sara!!

    can you please do more outfit details for each post? even if it’s just an everyday outfit, or a casual post!! because your style is to die for omg <3!!



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