Sitting Poolside at The Goodland Hotel

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Hi babes!

Oh thank gosh the sun came out to play on our last morning at The Goodland Hotel in Santa Barbara! I got in my last bit of rays before we had to hit the road back home.

Melissa, Hanna, Austin and I had the best few days with the film crew promoting this hotel and the activities that are offered around the premises!!

I will do a post explaining more on it and what makes from a good hotel to a bad one! Stay tuned <3

Tomorrow is Hanna’s boyfriend’s birthday so we are doing a bday dinner at his parents’ house and then getting some drinks at a bar close by! It shall be fun! His mom is making something called corned beef.  Never had it before but Austin said it’s amazing and his mom is an extremely talented cook soooooo we will see!

Then I’ll be in OC for a few days BECAUSE we are filming Svenska Hollywoodfruar! I can’t believe we are on Season 11! How crazy is that?! <3


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