Silk n’ Sequins

Hi babes!

Omg doesn’t it feel so good when you have something hanging over your head and then you FINALLY get around to actually doing it?! I had been holding off going to the DMV for about two months now. I kept putting it off and giving one excuse after the next. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just start thinking about how badly I need to go to get my registration updated and a new drivers license! But finally I went and took care of it today!

I feel like a new woman! …event though it did take me all day cuz the lines were painfully long! Oh and to top it off, I got there with about 23% battery on my phone. Miserable? yes haha.

But it’s done and i’m thrilled!

On a completely separate note, here are some photos of me from the QX Gala! I loved my outfit that night:) Thoughts?



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