Post Workout Shakes

IMG_8568IMG_8559Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share a little recipe with you guys!  I have been so hooked on Protein World smoothies.  I found out about Protein World through insta and really started to love it once I tried out their Slender Blend protein powder.  My favorite is the Banana flavor, but I also love the Vanilla.  They recommend using three scoops of the powder but I usually just pour in one and a half..

6 oz. Almond Milk

3 oz. Coconut Water

1.5 Cups of Spinach

1.5 Scoop of Protein World Slender Blend Powder


2 Cups of Berries

1 Frozen Banana

Little Scoop of Raw Honey

I Teaspoon of Chia Seeds

1 Teaspoon of Bee Pollen


Try this babes and lemme know what you think!







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